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Hi all.

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Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...
Replacing Emoji...


Author’s note: Kame’s special Birthday fic! Ok… it is not really about his birthday. But it sorta hinted at the Birthday surprise right? Yea. Because I can’t write anything … not clean, for Kame’s 22nd Birthday. *innocent smile* Hope you people enjoyed it! Credits to maishampoofor Jin’s Jweb translation.


My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 6

Author's Note: OH MAN ! I DESERVE TO BE SHOT. For not posting for ages. Time is a depleting resource when it comes to my real life. Either that or I am plain lazy. Kame's birthday fic will be posted later tonight because I am still working on it. I kept kicking myself to get up and write a birthday fic. But I don't have any great ideas biting me right now. Feel free to drop me any fic ideas ok? As for this particular Ryokame fic... it's either going to end in the next chapter... or I can give it a twist and it will probably last for another 5-6 chapters more. ...

Comment and vote! 1 more chap? Or 5-6 chaps more? 

HAPPY KAME DAY! \\ (^ _ ^) //

My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 5

Author’s note: SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR AGES! *bows to everyone* I bet half the people already removed me from their f-list because they probably thought I died. I do hope I maintained my touch in writing though.. I hope this didn't sucked. This is mainly a 'story development' chapter. *laughs*

Was sooo busy during my semester I didn’t have the time to update at all! I am however in the midst of some serious writing. And perhaps attempting to finish this fic. Hope you have enjoyed the chapter! And thanks to readers who have stayed with me!

Mayonnaise Nightmare

It was another day out with Jin. And Ryo knows that whenever he goes out with Jin, they will end up somewhere eating. No matter Jin originally asked him out to shop or to just chill… it will end up as a food fest.
Not that Ryo hated going out with one of his better friends in Johnny’s , but going out with Jin is a whole new issue. For example, there was once where they were chatting in a burger place somewhere in Tokyo:
“ Jin! You’re getting too much mayonnaise on that burger! You’re getting too fat to be eating mayonnaise you know…” Ryo had to say when he saw Jin adding another sachet of mayonnaise onto his cheese burger.
“For the last time! I am NOT fat!” Jin said as he licked the mayonnaise off his finger, “ Mmm… I love mayonnaise… Ryo-chan… you know Kazuya taste very well with mayonnaise?”
“…WHAT?!” Ryo took a while to react. And he decided that he did not need more information when Jin gave him a cheeky wink.
Returning to the Jimusho after a whole day out was not really something Ryo was not used to. Being in two units at the same time means going back to work more often then the others; not that he minded because it means that his sexy face will be shown twice in every idol magazine in the market.
However, he really dread running into one person. That was none other than Kamenashi Kazuya. It is not that Kamenashi was as scary looking as he was before. That fellow suddenly turned into some sort of a hot guy and has his best friend thoroughly infatuated with him. And it was this very fact that Jin and Kame are a couple that made Ryo dread looking at Kame.
Walking into the general lounge, he heard someone called him from the couch. It was none other than Kame.
“Hi Ryo… have you seen Jin these few days?” Kame asked, unwrapping a sandwich as he spoke.
“ I just met him a while ago. I think he might be coming by here to pick up something. You might wanna…” the words were caught in Ryo’s throat when Kame licked the egg mayonnaise of his fingers. The image of Jin and Kame licking mayonnaise off one another immediately sent blood rushing to his face.
“Ryo? You there?” Kame asked when he realized Ryo have suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence.
“Ya… you might wanna meet up with Jin. Gotta go, bye!” was all Ryo said as he quickly left before Kame could see how flushed his face was, leaving a stunned Kame behind in the lounge.
A week later, Yamapi and the rest of NewS wanted to call for a all night party with KAT-TUN just for the fun of it.
“Pi… I am NOT going with KAT-TUN for karaoke and that is final.” Ryo snapped at a pouting Yamapi.
“But why? KAT-TUN and NewS are best friends right? Ryo-chan…” Yamapi started his whining, something he knows would kind of work on Ryo.
“Ok… maybe, just for a while.” Ryo gave in. And that very night, he regretted his decision.
When a bunch of Johnny’s idols book a room for the night, they were prepared with enough alcohol to knock out an elephant. Late into the night, NewS and KAT-TUN were sprawled all over one another. After a while, Ryo woke up with a slight headache. Looking at his watch, he realized that it was already 4am in the morning. He wanted to get up and wash up when he heard some sounds from a corner of the room near him.
“Jin…nnnghh…” there was licking and very wet noises which made Ryo freeze and shudder.
“Sshh… you’ll wake them up. Kazu-baby… you taste soooo good with mayonnaise…” Ryo could make out Jin’s voice.
It was then Ryo decided to pretend that he was sleeping, ignoring the muffled moans and thumping in that corner near him.
And of course, he got no sleep that night.
Few months later…
“Yay! End of our concert! Now that we’re in Taiwan, let’s go have some good food!” Yamapi yelled as the rest were packing up after the concert.
“Yea! We should! I heard they serve octopus balls with mayonnaise here! I must try it!” Massu exclaimed as he licked his lips.
“Let’s go! Sounds fantastic.” Koyama agreed as they were leaving the dressing room. “Ryo… you alright?”
“Yea…” Ryo mumbled, trying to stop the weird associated images that enter his mind when he thought of mayonnaise.
“It’s ok… when we have those delicious octopus balls with thick creamy mayonnaise… it will make Ryo-chan feel a lot better! ” Tegoshi grinned. Ryo returned a weak smile as the image of Kame with thick white liquid over him suddenly invaded his thoughts.
“Yea… food is best served… hot and steamy!” Shige said and Ryo never thought he would want to punch Shige that much until that moment. Right he heard that, another steamy erotic image of a smirking Jin and Kame entered his mind.
“ARGH!” Ryo suddenly stand up in frustration and left the rest of NewS behind.
Of course, Ryo can never look at mayonnaise the same way again.
And from then on, he never ordered anything with mayonnaise on it. Ever.

Author's Note: Inspired by a lunchtime conversation with rindiggfelt , prettyboy_jinx and tomosuki . Credits to tomosukifor her licking mayonaise idea. This was entirely random, unbeta-ed and for those who watch my LJ only. So ... sorry if you think this totally sucks. >.<

Side note... I will be on hiatus from now on till the end of the year. Really too too too busy  with school to post. I AM SO SORRY! (T_T)

But I will promise you a lovely comeback when December is here. So till then... take care my dear readers! But I will be back! XD

And EARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO vani13  !! *HUGS* Enjoy the fic! Ciao~

Boys or Flowers, Love or Pride? - Chapter 4

Later that night, Jin invited three boys over to his place, to attempt to drown them in his indoor swimming pool.
“Why the heck… is he still around?” Jin asked furiously as he pushed the struggling boy’s head back into the water before pulling him up again. “He’s not being affected at all!”
“W-W-We’ll get him tomorrow...sir.” The choking boy managed to reply.
“You better do. You know what will happen to you when you don’t follow my orders.” Jin sneered as he let go of the boy again.
“Kazuya! I think you better quit that school to be on the safe side.” Ninomiya said.
“ Even you are telling me that?” Kazuya got up from his seat and joined Ninomiya in moving some of the goods off the shelves.
“Sometimes, you have to know when to be careful.” Came a voice from the back of the counter. Both Kazuya and Ninomiya turned to stare at their boss who just appeared from behind the counter.
“The Akanishi you were talking about was the heir to the Akanishi Corporation right? Rich people tend to have ties to underground business. They may use whatever means they can if they want to erase you.” Imai-san spoke as he made his way to the front of the counter towards his two employees
“E-erase?” Kazuya asked nervously.
“A man I once loved went against people with power… without knowing it, he was made the scapegoat of their crimes…” Imai-san replied, looking dreamily into the distance.
“What kind of world were you living in?” Ninomiya exclaimed, shocked by what her boss just said.
“Kame-chan, be careful, ok?” Imai-san adviced, blatantly ignoring Ninomiya’s question.
Kazuya could only nod in silence at the advice.
The next day, Kazuya dragged his feet towards his locker as he clutched his precious lunchbox in his hands. He screamed as he fell onto the floor, when a bunch of slimy snakes fell out of his locker. The students around him all ran away for their lives but Kazuya suddenly found a group of well-built guys lift him off the ground suddenly, despite his struggles to escape.
The next thing he knew, he was pinned to the ground of one of the unused laboratories in school. The three guys who brought him there were joking and laughing among themselves as they snapped the buttons off Kazuya’s uniform, giving a cunning smirk as they did so.
“Stop! Let me go!” Kazuya cursed his small build and minimal strength as the other guys held him in place forcefully. “Stop-” and the rest of his protests were muffled by one of the strong hands which covered his mouth forcefully.
“Don’t move, Akanishi-sama told us to take good care of you.” One of the boys sat on top of Kazuya as he took a penknife and hovered it dangerously over his chest.
“I’ve never tried guys before… but I guess you make the perfect uke…” The guy commented and his friends laughed in agreement.
“What are you doing?” came a familiar voice echoed through the room. Kazuya saw Yamashita appeared from behind one of the laboratory counters and walked towards the corner where they were.
“Let him go.” Yamashita said as he looked at what was going on.
“ But we have to do this, if not…” the boys tried to explain.
“ Never mind that. I said let him go.” Yamashita’s tone rose slightly and the boys immediately took off.
Kazuya got up immediately and tried to calm himself down. “T-t-thank you.” He managed to choke out.
“Don’t get the wrong idea…” Yamashita mumbled as he walked away, “ I just did not like the things they were doing.”
Still gasping for breath, Kazuya clutched his chest tightly as he looked at Yamashita’s shadow from behind as he left the laboratory.
The day did not go smoothly for Kazuya that day as well. But the bullying did stop after Yamashita told the boys to let him go that day. Kazuya wondered if everything had come to an end. He took his lunchbox to the cafeteria and settled down at his usual spot to have his lunch. Even if everything is bad, his mother’s lunch will make him feel better.
“Itadakimasu!’ he mumbled to himself as he tucked in to his food. What he did not notice was a person taking threatening steps towards him.
“A commoner.” Akanishi scoffed at him, “ Trying hard to fit in with the lot. Anyone could tell…” Without asking, Akanishi picked up the lacquered lunchbox and threw it across the room.
“… that was a lunchbox made by some low class housewife!” Akanishi raised his voice and called out to the rest of F4 to follow him.
Kazuya felt his blood boil with anger as he thought back of how early his mother got up to prepare that lunch for him. How much money it must have cost the family to give him better food for his lunch.
“Wait a minute.” He called out to Akanishi.
“ Ah?” Akanishi laughed as he turned back to look at Kazuya who was picking up bits of his lunchbox on the floor.
“I don’t care if you are the heir of an established company!” Kazuya said through gritted teeth. “You’re just a brat who hasn’t worked a day in his life.”
Kazuya held his fists in position and prepared himself as he jumped on the spot.
“Don’t be so cocky!” he yelled as he launched a punch with all his might which caused Akanishi to fall onto the ground. Every student gasp in shock and the other 3 members of F4 were at a lost as to what to do.
“I won’t run away. This time… it’s war.” Kazuya declared as he stared at Akanishi, who was lying on the floor, still confused as to what just happened. 

Omake- Behind the Scenes ( I know you have been waiting for this…)
Author/Director: Cut! That’s a wrap!
Kame ( runs towards Jin): Jinjin! I’m so sorry! Did it hurt? Let me kiss it to make it better…
Jin: Aww… *kisses* if I can get a kiss for every punch I get, I’ll do that take 20 times!
Ryo: Why the hell are they always kissing! And Bakanishi, don’t act all whiney about being punched. You are ‘M’, you enjoy the pain.
Kame ( eyes widen) : How … how did Nishikido know that Jin is ‘M’? Jin… you… slept with him? * stomps off*
Jin ( panics) : No!!! I happened to have said that in an interview somewhere. Kazu-chan!! *hugs Kame from behind*
Jin ( whispers ) : I’ll let you have the whip tonight… and I’ll handcuff myself to the bed.
Kame (blushing) : Shh… they are listening.
Jin: They can listen for all I care… even Ryo has no idea how great a Master you can be to your Jinjin.
Ryo: Arghs! To much info! I need to go wash my ears!
Takki: This script sucks… I don’t even have a line this time! Hmph! Tsuba-chan!!!!
Ryo: Don’t complain. I don’t even appear in this chapter!
The rest: Oh… ya. *shuts up*
Ryo glares at the author who ran away and spent the rest of the week hiding in a corner not being able to write anymore fics.
Author’s Note: Blame Ryo! Haha.. just kidding. But my semester have started! Means I won’t have enough time to update as much as I did ( though I didn’t update very often…) But I will still try to complete the 3 multi-chaptered fics I started! Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you! Hope you liked this chapter! Sorry for not updating for so long!!!

Incidental Love - Chapter 4

Those beautiful dark locks falling over the intelligent dark frames of his glasses just made the already beautiful man emit an aura of perfection. Junno could not help but pay attention to every little movement the other made. Be it the occasional casual flip of his hair or the distracting moistening of his lips in the middle of the lecture, every thing made his heart thump harder.
Kazuya shook his friend slightly on the shoulder as his friend turned back only to look at him with slight irritation.
“What? Can’t you see I am paying attention?” Junno almost glared at his best friend.
“Erm… the lecture is over?” Kazuya cleared his throat and pointed at the students exiting lecture theatre.
“Oh… let’s go.” Junno looked away, stealing one last look at the gorgeous lecturer before shoving his belongings into his bag.
Kazuya stared at his clearly distracted friend and observed how the other’s eyes trailed after their young lecturer as the other left the lecture theatre.
“He’s your type?” Kazuya leaned in and whispered into Junno’s ear, knowing that there’s no one left in the theatre.
“Eh!! What kind of question is that!” the remark caught Junno by surprise. “ Don’t be silly Kazu-baby! I have only eyes for you!!” Junno grinned moronically and jumped and hugged Kazuya from behind. Somehow, Kazuya knew that Junno was already in love, just that the latter would never admit it in such a straightforward manner. Laughing at Junno’s actions and trying to steady himself, Kazuya turned around to see Yamashita and Akanishi looking at them.
“Ah! So loving. You two should really be together.” Yamashita commented. “ And stop influencing me with your weird behavior.” He thought silently to himself. Akanishi merely smiled at the goofy pair.
“Anyway, my brother sent me a couple of vouchers for a weekend in Okinawa, you guys want to join us? Since there will be an extra room…” Akanishi asked as Yamashita gave him an incredulous look.
“Why are you inviting them! I thought it was just me and you!”
“This weekend? Let me think…” Kazuya ignored Yamashita and took out his pocket organizer.
“We’ll be there. Are we taking the train there?” Junno agreed without looking at Kazuya.
“Yup, we’ll meet at the train station then. See you! I have another lesson to rush to now.” Akanishi rushed off before either Yamashita or Kazuya could say anything.
“Junno! Why did you agree so quickly! I might have an extra reading session that day…”
And Kazuya was once again interrupted by Junno.
“For the sake of your love life… stop being such a geek.” Junno taunted playfully as Kazuya threatened to strangle him.
The night before the trip, Kazuya was in a thorough frenzy. He chose his best clothes and accessories to bring along to Okinawa and have even taken the time to run down to the shared kitchen to bake a bunch of cookies for them. Or rather, for Akanishi. Kazuya blushed immediately at that thought as he arranged the cookies neatly in a box.
Suddenly, his room door burst open and Yamashita walked in holding two cup of noodles.
“Dinner is served!” The other yelled as he took off his slippers walked towards Kazuya. Somehow, it has became a habit for the two of them to have dinner together after being neighbours for almost two months. But Kazuya have yet to get used to the other guy barging into his room as and when he liked. Even though it was nice to have someone over for dinner, Kazuya wanted his bit of privacy.
“Wow…cookies!” Yamashita helped himself to a nicely wrapped pack of cookies despite glaring looks from Kazuya.
“Those are not for you!” Kazuya exclaimed and tried to snatch the cookies out of the hands of the greedy Yamashita Tomohisa.
“Of course I know its not for me! But how I would know if you didn’t dope Jin with a dose of aphrodisiacs or something… then he might end up raping me because we are sharing a room! NO! Not going to happen!” Yamashita yelled as he stuffed another cookie into his mouth.
“Ah! You’re still eating it! Give it back to me!” Kazuya struggled to and tried to reach above Yamashita’s head where he was dangling the small bag of cookies.
In their little playful game, Kazuya accidentally tripped over his short coffee table and stumbled onto Yamashita. For a second, the room was suddenly silent and only the soft and almost synchronized heartbeat of the two young men could be barely heard.
Time seem to come to a standstill as the both of them did not know what to do and how to react. For that few seconds, Yamashita could not help but admire the feminine features of the young man lying on top of him. Kazuya looked away when he realized that the other was staring at him in a weird way.
“Ahem..” a familiar voice was heard at the door and the two of them looked up at the same time.
“Er… did I come in at the wrong time?” Akanishi asked as he looked at his best friend and Kazuya in that compromising position.
“No! Jin! It’s not like that…” Yamashita quickly pushed Kazuya away from him and got up to defend himself.
“A-a-akanishi-san… we were just playing…” Kazuya mumbled and cursed inwardly at how lame the explanation sounded.
“Looks like a fun game, Kamenashi. Enjoy!” Akanishi laughed as he turned away from the door.
“Jin! You have to listen to me…” Yamashita chased after his friend as they closed Kazuya’s room door behind them.
“Honestly… I thought you will be on top.” Akanishi commented as his best friend tried hard to explain what just happened.
“JIIINN!! You’re not listening!!” Yamashita wailed as Akanishi merely chuckled at his friend’s frantic behavior.

Author's Note: 
Sorry for the lack of prompt updates. I was feeling really sick today... then I decided to sit in and write this chapter. I hope it's not disappointing... Please comment if it's alright. I'll try to update as soon as possible! Thanks to everyone who have been keeping up with my multi-chaps. Reall appreciated.

My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 4

“Arrange for a helicopter to fly Kamenashi-san back to Tokyo tonight.” Nishikido mumbled as he walked passed his assistant. The young man beside him attentively registered this new instruction as he followed his leader as they left their headquarters.
“Pardon me, sir,” the assistant asked, his voice as cold as Nishikido’s, “Why do you want him to leave when you love him so much?”
“He deserves better.” Nishikido answered, “He deserves someone better than me, Yamashita.”
“Of course, sir,” Yamashita bowed again, as he opened the door of the limousine for his leader. “But there are hardly any people that can be better than you.”
“Too many questions, Yamashita.” Nishikido commented curtly. Yamashita bowed low, apologizing profusely as he did. Nishikido kept quiet and signaled for his chauffeur to take off.
“I’ll never be good enough for him. Never.” Nishikido thought to himself solemnly.
It was just a few days ago that he was being tracked down by his enemies while on a secret trip to Tokyo. Those scarred faced Yakuzas were definitely more hostile than he remembered and it was just his luck that he underestimated them. As far as he could remember, Tokyo’s hooligans are all nothing but wimps with big egos. Things have definitely changed since he left his homeland years ago.
 After a furious fight that caused Nishikido to lose a bunch of his henchmen, those blasted Yakuza were still hot on his tracks despite having already shot him down with a bullet on his arm. Staggering and trying hard to keep his vision focused, Nishikido was glad he was able to find a safe alley where he was sure no one would find him. Settling himself behind a bicycle, Nishikido leaned against the wall, wincing in pain as his open wound barely touched the rough bricks.
He really thought he was going to die on the streets in a dark corner right there in Tokyo. Till he saw a blurred image of a slender figure who appeared out of nowhere and started fussing over his wound. At that point, Nishikido thought he just saw an angel. The ‘angel’ had a beautiful figure and flowing brown hair and had an aura that made that alley feel a lot like Heaven.
The figure stuttered, and inched towards carefully and muttered something that he could not here.
“Come closer,” he wanted to say but the words just could not come out of his mouth. The ‘angel’ did seem to know how much pain he was going through and wasted no time in helping him dress his wound. “A-are you feeling better?” came a sweet but strangely deep voice. It was then that Nishikido realized that his beloved angel is actually male. Nishikido shivered as the cold wind blew against his bandaged wound. He did not care if the other one was a man, he just needed some warmth.
“It’s cold…stay. Please…” he pleaded when he sensed that the other was about to leave. Unconsciously, he had already fallen in love with that man. It was a few days later that he did what he always did to things he wanted. He took him.
Now that he had to leave Kazuya, it was not his choice. He knew that the moment news got out to the underworld that he might have a new lover, Kazuya would be in grave danger. This was all planned for Kazuya’s sake. No matter how painful it is to smother this new found love, Nishikido knew he had to do it.
The hardest part came when he gritted his teeth as he stood outside Kazuya’s room, waiting to say his last farewell before the helicopter takes off. His knuckles went white as he gripped the doorknob with all his strength, trying to keep himself calm and expression straight as he entered the familiar room that now retains Kazuya’s scent. He saw that small figure hugging his knees as he sat on the bed. Kazuya looked so small and fragile, Nishikido commented to himself, part of him wanted to go up and protect the boy. From what? He was not sure.
“Don’t make me leave.” came a muffled voice which shook Nishikido out of his deep thoughts as he felt a pair of skinny arms wrap round him suddenly. Using up all the strength he could to stop himself from giving in to Kazuya, he broke away from the other man and looked away, avoiding the other’s tearing eyes.
“Leave. You have to return to your family. Things are not as simple as you think.” Nishikido said, in that same cold voice he used to talk to his henchmen.
“How difficult can it get? You took my body and made me fall in love with you. Doesn’t that matter at all to you?”
Nishikido remained silent as Kazuya raised his voice and was about to lose his temper.
“I’m just a toy to you, right? I’m just a play thing that you bring here to have fun with and then return me as and when you feel like it…” Kazuya blurted out his thoughts, “ …Do you even love me?”
Looking past Kazuya, Nishikido forced out a bitter laughter.
“Love? I’ve never loved anyone and I never will. To love is a weakness, how can I afford that when I am the leader of one of the most prominent mafia organizations.”
Kazuya fell silent and could only stare blankly at the man once thought he loved. Nishikido grabbed Kazuya’s chin and stared into his eyes.
“Or maybe, you just wanted another round of Nishikido Ryo before you leave.” He smirked as he leaned in for a kiss; knowing that Kazuya would definitely resist him.
“You bastard!” Kazuya scolded as he slapped Nishikido hard on the cheeks. “Fine, I’ll do as you wish and leave.”
Kazuya took a few of his personal belongings and left in a hurry with Nishikido’s men to board the helicopter.
“Maybe it was just my own wishful thinking that I could change you… that you loved me.” Kazuya thought as he held back his tears when he settled down on the helicopter. “I shall forget about this, it’s all a nightmare… and I’ll go back to my normal life after this.”
After Kazuya left, Nishikido ordered all his men to leave the room. Slowly, he made his way to the bed and sat down. The room still smelt like Kazuya, the bed sheets still reminds him of the night they spent together.
“Kazuya…” Nishikido did not know that he would miss the other one so soon.
“I’m so sorry...” he mumbled under his breath before he finally allowed a single tear to fall down his cheeks. 


Author's Notes: So sorry for not updating for so long! Was really busy and I was suppose to study for my Driving Theory test and here I am typing a fanfic. And I am at work now! Oh great. Anyway, updates will be slow, but stay with me! I will update the other two fics too. Soon! I promise. And thanks to my F-list for their concern, I'm alright and quite back to normal. So... enjoy the fic and comment please!
Kamenashi Kazuya knew that his world was going to change the after that confrontation with the infamous Akanishi Jin. The red note he found in his locker the next day confirmed that. 

“Red note! Red note!!” some random guy yelled as he ran down the halls of Hanatoko Academy, “ 
Kamenashi Kazuya from Year 2 Class C received a red note!” That irritating voice echoed down the halls. 

Surprisingly, no one came running out of their classrooms like before, so Kazuya just took his books from his locker before slamming shut, leaving the damned red note in it. It was only when he returned to his classroom that he realized that his desk was missing. 

“That guy sure asked for it, trying to get away with spilling things on Jin.” Takizawa commented. Ohno looked up at him and nodded in silent agreement 

as Jin gave a smirk of satisfaction. All of them knew that by the end of the day, that runt would be as good as gone. 
Clenching his fist tightly, Kazuya bit back the urge to scream as he ran out of the classroom, right pass Nishikido at the door. Just as he thought, his desk was placed in the dispose pile in the deserted corner of the school on the first floor. Sighing, Kazuya placed his bag and lunchbox in a corner before trying to lift the desk up from its lopsided position. 

Suddenly, he felt a load of slimy and cold objects hit him from above and realized that someone had just emptied a rubbish bin on him from the second floor. He looked up and glare at those students, only to get the rubbish bin thrown towards him, from which luckily he narrowly escaped from. 

“These guys are out to kill me.” Kazuya mumbled under his breath as he swept a cold piece of banana peel off his shoulder. 

School time was passing by extremely slowly when he was a victim of those brats. During Literature class, he had to bear with paper balls thrown at him and the constant snickering from his classmates. Suddenly it seemed like everyone, no matter if he knew them or not, was his enemy. When it was finally lunchtime where everyone took a break from bullying him, Kazuya sighed in relief as he found a quiet corner in school to sit down. 

From the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of Nishikido making his way to the cafeteria. 
“Ah! Nishikido…” Kazuya called out, hoping that perhaps his only friend would be on his side. But Nishikido merely looked at him for a moment, before making his way anxiously towards another direction. 

Stunned by the other’s behaviour, Kazuya looked in Nishikido’s direction for another second, and the next thing he knew, he was drenched in cold water, dumped on him from behind. 

“I see… even your best friend has dumped you…” A scrawny boy whom Kazuya recognized as one of the greatest supoorters of F4, Shibutani Subaru taunted at him, “You were at eyesore from the very beginning.” Kazuya noticed that Shibutani was followed closely by his own ‘henchmen’, Koyama and Kato. The three were infamous for causing trouble to those who go against them or F4. 
“How could you, a poor little commoner wretch, come into Hanatoko Academy?” Koyama sneered, supporting his leader. 

“Just pack up and get lost!” Shibutani scoffed and shoved Kazuya aside; laughing as he walked away in arrogant strides, Koyama and Kato followed him, not forgetting to kick Kazuya in the shins as they walked past him. Cursing, Kazuya limped slightly to the hidden stairs, where he knew no one would find him.

As he slumped himself on the stairway heavily, Kazuya was almost in tears as he mumbled a chain of swear words under his breath.

“How could this happen to me? I’m a Kamenashi! How can the mighty turtle pear lose out just like that?” Kazuya thought to himself angrily. The more he thought of it, the angrier he was and the more his tears threaten to fall down his cheeks. 

“Stop…” a voice came from the other end of the stairway. “ …it, please.” The words came with almost mocking familiarity. Kazuya slowly turned round the corner to find Yamashita Tomohisa lying down at the other end of the stairway. 

“Please don’t cry here.” The other man said as he got up, “ Can’t you find somewhere else to relieve your stress?” 

“Ah…” Kazuya gasp slightly with realization, “ You heard everything?” 

“Sorry,” Yamashita mumbled as he kept his eyes on his book, “ … but this emergency stairway is my spot.” 

“Eh?” Kazuya let out another incoherent sound. 

“I like it here.” Yamashita looked up at him this time, “ And I don’t like to be disturbed.” With that, he looked back down at his book.

There was an awkward silence as Kazuya stared at disbelief at what Yamashita just said. Silently, he bowed, and limped slowly up the stairs.

“But… I guess you need this more than I do.” Yamashita raised his voice so that Kazuya could hear him. 

With that, he left the stairway, brushing past Kazuya slightly. For a second, Kazuya thought that this guy might not be as rotten as the other three. 


Behind the Scenes:

(runs to Kame after the fanfiction finished filming) Kazu-baby! What did they do to you! I swear I would murder whoever did this to you! 

Kame: It’s alright, dear, it is part of the script. 

Jin: Well, the script writer deserves to die for putting you through this. 

*Ahem* You did agree to play the roles in the script! 

Jin and Kame: That is because you said that there will be a kiss scene! 

The two lovers looked at each other, surprised that they were both in the fanfic for the kiss scene. 

Jin ( hugs Kame at the waist ) : Aww… Kazuya, if you want a kiss, you can always ask

Kame ( Blushes) : Well… I thought… It’ll be better if… it’s on screen. 

Jin (flails) : Kyaa! Kazuya is blushing! Cho kawaii! 

Author’s side note: Due to this scene that happened, the filming have to be stopped for a total
of 2 hours after this because…

1) Akame’s make out session got slightly…*ahem* out of hand. 

2) Tackey threatened to start dancing X~Dame in the middle of the fanfic because he asked for a line. And he got only one line. It took an hour for the author to get in touch with Tsubasa to calm the latter down. Boys… *rolls eyes*

3) Ryo threatened to quit because Akame is getting on his nerves. He claims that the two always sneak into his dressing room during breaks and now his dressing room smells like Kame and Jin. 

Ryo: THAT IS TRUE! I want a change of room. 

Author: Ok ok… boys… *rolls eyes*

4) Yamapi is threatening to quit because Ryo won’t keep his hands off ‘Momo’. 

5) The author took 8 hours to persuade and bribe the various JE boys to stay. Only to notice that Ohno and Nino were missing from the set. And the chaos goes on from here... 

Author's note to everyone:
Ahh... finally it's updated! I wanted it to go on till the famous punch scene. But it's too long for a chapter! It'll be here next chapter! And I hope you people like the behind-the-scenes!!! Please comment if you like it! Enjoy!!!