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Mayonnaise Nightmare

It was another day out with Jin. And Ryo knows that whenever he goes out with Jin, they will end up somewhere eating. No matter Jin originally asked him out to shop or to just chill… it will end up as a food fest.
Not that Ryo hated going out with one of his better friends in Johnny’s , but going out with Jin is a whole new issue. For example, there was once where they were chatting in a burger place somewhere in Tokyo:
“ Jin! You’re getting too much mayonnaise on that burger! You’re getting too fat to be eating mayonnaise you know…” Ryo had to say when he saw Jin adding another sachet of mayonnaise onto his cheese burger.
“For the last time! I am NOT fat!” Jin said as he licked the mayonnaise off his finger, “ Mmm… I love mayonnaise… Ryo-chan… you know Kazuya taste very well with mayonnaise?”
“…WHAT?!” Ryo took a while to react. And he decided that he did not need more information when Jin gave him a cheeky wink.
Returning to the Jimusho after a whole day out was not really something Ryo was not used to. Being in two units at the same time means going back to work more often then the others; not that he minded because it means that his sexy face will be shown twice in every idol magazine in the market.
However, he really dread running into one person. That was none other than Kamenashi Kazuya. It is not that Kamenashi was as scary looking as he was before. That fellow suddenly turned into some sort of a hot guy and has his best friend thoroughly infatuated with him. And it was this very fact that Jin and Kame are a couple that made Ryo dread looking at Kame.
Walking into the general lounge, he heard someone called him from the couch. It was none other than Kame.
“Hi Ryo… have you seen Jin these few days?” Kame asked, unwrapping a sandwich as he spoke.
“ I just met him a while ago. I think he might be coming by here to pick up something. You might wanna…” the words were caught in Ryo’s throat when Kame licked the egg mayonnaise of his fingers. The image of Jin and Kame licking mayonnaise off one another immediately sent blood rushing to his face.
“Ryo? You there?” Kame asked when he realized Ryo have suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence.
“Ya… you might wanna meet up with Jin. Gotta go, bye!” was all Ryo said as he quickly left before Kame could see how flushed his face was, leaving a stunned Kame behind in the lounge.
A week later, Yamapi and the rest of NewS wanted to call for a all night party with KAT-TUN just for the fun of it.
“Pi… I am NOT going with KAT-TUN for karaoke and that is final.” Ryo snapped at a pouting Yamapi.
“But why? KAT-TUN and NewS are best friends right? Ryo-chan…” Yamapi started his whining, something he knows would kind of work on Ryo.
“Ok… maybe, just for a while.” Ryo gave in. And that very night, he regretted his decision.
When a bunch of Johnny’s idols book a room for the night, they were prepared with enough alcohol to knock out an elephant. Late into the night, NewS and KAT-TUN were sprawled all over one another. After a while, Ryo woke up with a slight headache. Looking at his watch, he realized that it was already 4am in the morning. He wanted to get up and wash up when he heard some sounds from a corner of the room near him.
“Jin…nnnghh…” there was licking and very wet noises which made Ryo freeze and shudder.
“Sshh… you’ll wake them up. Kazu-baby… you taste soooo good with mayonnaise…” Ryo could make out Jin’s voice.
It was then Ryo decided to pretend that he was sleeping, ignoring the muffled moans and thumping in that corner near him.
And of course, he got no sleep that night.
Few months later…
“Yay! End of our concert! Now that we’re in Taiwan, let’s go have some good food!” Yamapi yelled as the rest were packing up after the concert.
“Yea! We should! I heard they serve octopus balls with mayonnaise here! I must try it!” Massu exclaimed as he licked his lips.
“Let’s go! Sounds fantastic.” Koyama agreed as they were leaving the dressing room. “Ryo… you alright?”
“Yea…” Ryo mumbled, trying to stop the weird associated images that enter his mind when he thought of mayonnaise.
“It’s ok… when we have those delicious octopus balls with thick creamy mayonnaise… it will make Ryo-chan feel a lot better! ” Tegoshi grinned. Ryo returned a weak smile as the image of Kame with thick white liquid over him suddenly invaded his thoughts.
“Yea… food is best served… hot and steamy!” Shige said and Ryo never thought he would want to punch Shige that much until that moment. Right he heard that, another steamy erotic image of a smirking Jin and Kame entered his mind.
“ARGH!” Ryo suddenly stand up in frustration and left the rest of NewS behind.
Of course, Ryo can never look at mayonnaise the same way again.
And from then on, he never ordered anything with mayonnaise on it. Ever.

Author's Note: Inspired by a lunchtime conversation with rindiggfelt , prettyboy_jinx and tomosuki . Credits to tomosukifor her licking mayonaise idea. This was entirely random, unbeta-ed and for those who watch my LJ only. So ... sorry if you think this totally sucks. >.<

Side note... I will be on hiatus from now on till the end of the year. Really too too too busy  with school to post. I AM SO SORRY! (T_T)

But I will promise you a lovely comeback when December is here. So till then... take care my dear readers! But I will be back! XD

And EARLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO vani13  !! *HUGS* Enjoy the fic! Ciao~


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Oct. 13th, 2007 10:51 am (UTC)
Great fic...haha poor Ryo
I luv mayonnaise,,,nth can make me hate mayonnaise...but stepping in Ryo's shoes i might come to hate it,,who knows!!
Oct. 13th, 2007 12:16 pm (UTC)
LMAO XD Poor Ryo-chan...I think I'd eat even more mayonnaise instead XD

And thanks dear *huggles*
Oct. 13th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)

*is very grateful for having Burger King in school*

By the way, the licking was actually prettyboy_jinx's idea! I was just the one with the mayonnaise accident. xD

POOR POOR POOR RYO. <3333333333333333
Oct. 13th, 2007 05:07 pm (UTC)
ou em eff gee! ♥
you really wrote mayonnaise fic! *dies laughing*

massu would probably want xiaolongbao with mayonnaise instead, ew. -____-
Oct. 22nd, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
wahaha.. poor ryo!! but he is lucky i'd say.. pi whining.. i'll love it.. >.<

nice one.. =]
Nov. 6th, 2007 10:30 am (UTC)
LOL. wad can i say other than poor ryo...
whining pi~~~~~
Nov. 10th, 2007 11:05 am (UTC)
I like mayonnaise!!! I like your stories!!!
Will be waiting for your updates!!!
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