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Incidental Love - Chapter 3

“Welcome to the Varsity Baseball Team tryouts, I’m Akanishi Jin and I’ll be in charge for today.” Akanishi announced to the group of freshmen before him.

Kazuya didn’t know if luck was on his side or not, to have Akanishi be the one in charge of the tryouts. Somehow, he felt pressured to perform better when Akanishi was around. For a second, his eyes wandered slightly away from Akanishi, and saw Junno wink at him from the spectator’s stand, mouthing a silent ‘good luck’ to him.

“Alright, this group of you on the left,” Akanishi separated the group of freshmen into two groups, “Please follow Ninomiya-san to the other end of the field. The rest of you do your warm-up and I’ll screen each one of you personally.”

Kazuya could feel himself shaking with nervousness as he stretched his arms before holding the bat tightly in his hands. “I can do this.” He thought to himself, mentally preparing his mind for utmost concentration.

“Kamenashi-kun! You’re next.” Akanishi called, looking up from his clipboard and flashed him a smile which made Kazuya’s heart thump harder against his chest as he walked towards the batter’s box. Before he knew it, a ball was heading his way and he barely hit it with his bat.

“Nice try, Kamenashi-kun.” Akanishi commented as he jotted down quickly on his clipboard. “ But it’ll be better if you swing the bat this way. Let me show you.” Kazuya immediately allowed Jin to take his place in the batter’s box.

“You have to swing. It’s as if someone kissed you on your left shoulder and you have to swat that person away.”

“Oh! You mean like this!” Yamashita appeared from nowhere and gave Akanishi a peck on his left shoulder. Although slightly taken aback, Kazuya stared daggers at Yamashita as Akanishi threatened to plunder him with the bat.

The rest of the tryout was a mere blur as all the activities happened one after another, and before he knew it, the tryouts ended. And Kazuya found himself a new member of the Varsity Baseball Team.

In the University's cafeteria...
“Kazuya! Have you arranged your timetable?” Junno asked as he sat down next to Kazuya with his lunch. Kazuya lazily handed his timetable to his friend as he poked at his food with minimal interest.

“ NO!! Don’t take this subject, Kazuya!” Junno exclaimed as he looked through the other’s timetable, “That teacher is known to be a killer. Oh! That subject too! Drop that, it’s too tedious.” Without asking Kazuya, Junno started making changes to the other’s timetable. Kazuya rolled his eyes and ignored his friend. His mind was still preoccupied, by that very scene of Yamashita kissing Akanishi’s neck at the tryout.

“Didn’t he mention that he is not gay?” Kazuya thought to himself before he snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Junno wrote ‘French’ as one of his subjects.

“Junno! Why are we taking French! I’m not taking that! You know how weak I am at languages…” Kazuya yelled as he snatched his schedule from Junno.

“Please?” Junno looked at Kazuya with puppy eyes, “The seniors told me that the lecturer is very young and very cute.”

“Junno!” Kazuya scolded, “You don’t take subjects because the professors are…” He was distracted by Yamashita and Akanishi walking towards their table.

“Ah! It’s our junior and my dear neighbour, the skinny terrier! Yo!” Yamashita did not ask for permission before sitting down heavily opposite Junno and Kazuya.

“Eh!!! You are Taguchi! From elementary school!” Yamashita exclaimed as his eyes widen as he recognized Junno after staring at him for a while, “How did you know this skinny terrier?” he asked pointing to Kazuya.

Kazuya frowned at the mention of his unwanted nickname and turned to look at was laughing at the queer nickname Kazuya was given. Still smiling, Junno just explained to Yamashita about how he met Kazuya a long time ago, while Akanishi tried to start a conversation with Kazuya, much to his surprise.

“So, excited to be on the team?” Akanishi asked, taking a huge bite off his burger, “ We’re having a welcome party this weekend you will be there, right?”

Kazuya looked at the older man with wide open eyes. “Was that an invitation?” He thought to himself.

“Yes, I’ll definitely be going.” Kazuya smiled at Akanishi enthusiastically. Junno looked over at the two with a knowing look. Yamashita noticed how Junno and Kazuya seem to send secret messages in silence. “These two, that they are both the same, freaks desperate for men.” he thought to himself. “I have to protect Jin from them.”

“Well, Jin! We’re late for classes! Let’s go!” Yamashita suddenly shot up from his seat and grabbed Akanishi by the arm. “We’ll see you newbies at the welcome party this weekend!” And that was the last thing they heard before Yamashita dragged Akanishi out of the room.

“Junno,” Kazuya asked immediately when the other two left the cafeteria “ Do you think that Yamashita likes Akanishi?”

Junno burst out into laughter when he heard that.

“Ka-zu-ya-chaann!” Junno reassured as he slung an arm over Kazuya, “Trust me, Yamashita is the last person on this Earth to fall for Jin. He’s not like you and I.”

“B-b-but… he can always change his mind!” Kazuya retorted, “ I saw him trying to kiss Akanishi that day at the tryout!”

“Yamashita… he wouldn’t. He’s homophobic.” Junno looked away from Kazuya, his mind wandering back to his elementary school days with Yamashita. “He was my first crush. The only one I have confessed to… in fact.”

“EHH!!!” Kazuya could not believe what he just heard. All these years he had never heard Junno mention anything about his love life and now Junno have to shock him with this information.

“I went up to him in the playground one day.” Junno started to tell Kazuya his story as they packed up their things and headed out of the cafeteria, “ After I told him how I felt, he stared at me with that serious look and said…” at this point, Junno suddenly started chuckling.

“What… did he say?” Kazuya asked, curiosity almost killing him.

“He shouted ‘Get away from me! I don’t like weird boys like you!’ and ran away crying to his mother. And he never really talked to me again till the elementary school anniversary we had a few years ago. Childish, isn’t it?” Junno continue chuckling at the memories.

“Ne… do you still like him?” Kazuya asked, falling into step with Junno.

“Maybe…” Junno replied and Kazuya’s eyes widen, “ not. Because I love Kazuya more! Give your new lover a kiss! ” Junno yelled and playfully jumped on top of Kazuya and gave him a bear hug from behind.

“Junno! Stop it! Everyone is looking at us!” Kazuya tried to struggle away from Junno’s silly antics.

At the Baseball Team’s Freshmen Welcome Party…

“Now that we have all mingled, let’s play a game!” one of the 2nd year seniors suggested and the crowd of boys cheered in agreement.

The welcome party was fine and most of the team members were friendly and have brought along their friends from outside the team. After knowing that they could bring friends along, Kazuya dragged Junno along because he did not want to be alone.

“We’ll all take numbers from this box, and we will give random numbers random things to do!” yelled another senior and the room was filled with noise again. Kazuya could tell that many of the seniors were slightly tipsy from the drinks and Akanishi was one of them. He was almost laughing out loud and being a lot noisier than usual.

After a while, a box was passed around and all of them took a number from it and sat down around the small room. The game master was one of Matsumoto-san, one of the third year students.

“Now… No. 10 will bite the ear of No. 31!!! Who has the number 10 and 31? Come out please!” The crowd cheered as two tipsy guys stumbled to the center of the room. One of the seniors whom Kazuya recognized from the tryout as Ninomiya-san, bit the ear of the other guy who seemed to be his friend. The crowd went wild with cheers as they did the task.

“And now… No. 23 shall kiss No. 14 on the forehead! Who’s the lucky No. 14?” And Kazuya laughed when he saw a very unwilling Yamashita get up from his seat, revealing the small slip of paper in his hands with ‘14’ scrawled on it.

“Ah! And No. 23 is Akanishi! How sweet! Best friends, right?” Matsumoto-san laughed as the crowd of baseball players laughed along. Junno saw Kazuya’s fist clench again and he knew that this would not turn out to be something good.

Yamashita’s blood almost froze when he realise that Akanishi was really going to do the task as Akanishi stumbled towards him. Looking at the tipsy Akanishi and Yamashita who was standing shakily in the middle of the room, Kazuya clenched his fists in anxiety.

“Damn it. He is so drunk!” Yamashita cursed when Akanishi wrapped an arm around his neck and started to lean closer. The crowd cheered and made whistling sounds as Akanishi inched closer.

“Tomo-chan…I love you!” Akanishi mumbled in his drunken slur.

The next thing Yamashita knew, he could feel Akanishi’s lips on his, and not only that, the other’s tongue found its way into his mouth and was invading his mouth in all possible ways. Frightened, Yamashita pushed his friend away, his mouth still bruised. The crowd cheered and applauded their courage to carry out this task.

Junno and Kazuya looked at each other, then back at the two young men in the middle of the room.

“Akanishi …WINS!” Akanishi yelled as he tried standing up, punching his fists into the air before falling back down onto the floor. Ignoring everything around him, Yamashita got up quickly to rush to the washroom.

“Maybe he went to have his mouth sterilized?” Junno commented. “I told you he is really homophobic.”

Kazuya did not know what to do but to nod. In his mind, he felt a strong surge of jealousy that he did not ever experience before.

Yamashita slammed the door of the washroom shut as he supported himself at the basin.
“It was just a game… a game…. Jin was drunk…” He mumbled under his breath over and over again. “But why did it feel so good?”

Suddenly he clasped his hand over his mouth, touching it as he remembered how it felt when his friend kissed him a moment ago.

“Damn. Am I…gay?”


Author's notes: Sorry for the late update!! Have been really busy. But I will try my best to write more this week. And I actually wrote this last night but LJ was being a bitch and refuse to let me post it.

Sorry if the chapter is a bit draggy. I need to build up bits of the storyline. But it will get fluffier and cuter. I promise!!!! I'll start on the HanaDan crack fic's update soon. So please stay tune for more of my fics!

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My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 3

Suddenly, a loud gunshot was heard and the hands that were running over his body suddenly stopped as Kazuya opened his eyes and saw a silhouette of a man standing a short distance away from them, holding a smoking pistol pointed to the sky.
“Get off him.” The man said in English but Kazuya recognized it immediately to be Nishikido, the voice he used to command his subordinates.
“Who are you? What makes you think you can make me-” the boss of the group of men fell silent when the pistol was repositioned point directly at his forehead. Nishikido was fast, this was a fact.
“Boss! I know this guy. He’s the Dragon from that freaky Japanese mafia. Let’s scram!” the scrawny one started panicking and tugged his boss away as the rest of them ran away for their lives.
Kazuya pulled the rest of the dress to cover his nakedness, crying and sobbing as he shifted himself to a corner. He wanted to die; right at that moment, and maybe that would make the pain and shame go away.
Silently, Nishikido walked towards the small figure that have cowered into the darkness of the night, reaching for the other’s shoulders but the other pulled back instinctively, still shaking as he cried.
“They’re gone,” the tone of his voice softened and changed drastically from the one that was heard minutes ago, “Let’s go back.” And without another word, Nishikido wrapped Kazuya in his huge coat and took the small figure into his arms. Throughout the journey back to Nishikido’s abode, the soft purr of the engines and the heartbeat against the chest Kazuya was leaning on lulled him to sleep. Maybe it will be all better when he wakes up. Maybe this whole thing would be just a nightmare. Kazuya took one more look at the dark shadows of the man who saved him through drooping eyelids before he fell asleep, snoring softly in the safety of the other’s arms.
Kazuya opened his eyes again, his mind still confused as to what was going on. He was back in the same spacious room, lying on the same silk sheets on the familiar huge bed. Was it all a dream, he thought to himself as he tried to climb up from the bed. It was still dark outside, just like it was when he was in that room for the first time.
Something was different this time round. He felt warmth enveloping his cold body and he turned around slowly to see Nishikido, the other’s arms still guarding protectively over shoulders. Kazuya looked at his body, and realized that he was no longer half naked from the torn dress as he last remembered. In its place, an expensive robe clothed his small frame, similar to the one that Nishikido was wearing. Somehow, it felt strange yet comfortable to be lying in Nishikido’s arms. Kazuya smiled a little to himself as he felt the other stir from his sleep.
“Why did you run away?” the sudden emotionless tone of Nishikido’s voice froze Kazuya’s blood for a moment.
“I-I…” somehow he could not find an answer to the others question and his body stiffened as the bigger man flipped him over and straddled him, staring at him for a satisfying answer.
“Why did you run away from me?” He asked again, his eyes no longer reflected the gentleness as Kazuya remembered, in place of it, was burning anger.
“I-I-I wanted to go home.” Kazuya managed to force the words out as he gripped the bed sheets in fear as Nishikido face hovered directly above him.
“Home? Why does your home mean so much to you? What about me? Don’t you love me?” Nishikido raised his voice; Kazuya could see that the other was almost shaking with anger.
Love him? Kazuya could not find an answer for that question. Love was something he thought would develop over time, over a long period of living together to a stage that you know the other one so well you could spend the rest of your life with him. He did feel a sense of gratitude towards Nishikido, and he did feel a lot more comfortable around that man, but was that love?
A million thoughts ran through Kazuya’s head as he stared fearfully at Nishikido. Impatient for an answer, Nishikido pressed his lips hungrily against Kazuya’s, forcing the other’s mouth open with his tongue. The thoughts in his head vanished in a split second, but Kazuya started to struggle when he felt Nishikido’s hand untying the knot that held his robe together. Memories from the night before suddenly came back vividly into his mind, and he tried to push Nishikido away to stop his ministrations. He thought the other would listen to him, but he was wrong.
With his agile fingers, Nishikido expertly shed the sole piece of clothing off the smaller body he had trapped on the huge bed, as he continued tasting his prey. As expected, the other one was so beautiful and pure, clean as a virgin, except the distracting bruises left over from the night before. Moving his lips away from the other’s swollen ones, he gently kissed the two dark bruises that tainted his catch before kissing and sucking hard on Kazuya’s neck, drawing a yelp of pain and marking the other as his own.
Kazuya struggled again as he felt a hand slide down his chest and he groaned when he felt the hand touched him, stroking him gently and then increasingly rapidly. He did not want this, but somehow it felt too good. Nishikido looked up into Kazuya’s clouded eyes that were still soaked in tears and smirked when he made the other one moan with another tug of his hands.
“P-p-please… stop. St-” Kazuya’s protests were ignored as Nishikido sealed his open lips with another kiss. What happened after that, Kazuya did not remember. All he could remember was experiencing pain, ecstasy, joy, love and hate, all at the same time that very night. The feeling was so intense and the only thing he remembered was screaming Nishikido’s name before blacking out.
The next morning, he woke up, he was alone and naked, lying on the same bed, his chest still stained with the remnants of the previous night’s activity. Pushing himself up , Kazuya winced as a sharp pain shot up his spine. Looking down the once clean silk bed sheets, he was frightened to see dark spots of blood. He attempted to get off the bed, only to collapse on the floor from the intense pain in his lower body when he even tried to move. It was then that he realized that the blood was his own.
Nishikido raped him. Kazuya wished that he could say that but it was not the truth. Even though he was rough the night before, not preparing Kazuya and taking him dry, causing him to bleed, Kazuya had to admit that he did enjoyed the ecstasy that night. He knew it was wrong, he knew that he should not be with Nishikido, let alone let him treat himself like that. But, somehow, Kazuya knew that deep down inside, Nishikido was a gentle lover. He just knew, from the gentle kisses on his bruises and the fact that Nishikido rushed out to rescue him, locating him amidst those dark street in the middle of the night. There must be something good in that other man to make him do all these things, Kazuya thought to himself.
As he tried to get up again in vain, he felt himself being lifted off the ground and placed on the bed once again. Looking up, Kazuya was surprised to see Nishikido, already dressed in a dark suit that really reminded him of the Yakuza. There was an awkward silence as Kazuya stared at the other man, no knowing what to say, as the other silently wrapped a blanket over his naked form.
“I-”Kazuya wanted to apologise for running away the night before.
“You will get what you want.” Came the cold voice from Nishikido.
“W-what?” Kazuya stammered, suddenly confused by what the other man was saying.
“Tonight, I’ll send a jet to fly you back to Tokyo. I’ve got some painkillers for you here and food will be delivered to your door.” Nishikido continued, looking blankly past Kazuya as he tossed a box of pills on the bed.
“Nice knowing you. Farewell.” Nishikido said as he left the room, not even looking back once.
Kazuya stared at the other man as he exited the room. He was going home tonight. He will be able to see his father and his brother and go back to his life as a normal high school boy.
But why did it hurt so much to know that he would be leaving Nishikido soon?
This was something that Kazuya could not understand as uncontrollable tears rolled down his cheeks, the agony in his heart numbing the physical pain of his body.
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Author's notes: Just the right fic to suit my mood now. Exam results are out and I didn't do as well as I wanted to. Feeling angry about it because I really put in effort to study and the system just had to screw me over. Then after I wrote all this, I started feeling very sorry for Kame-muse. What is wrong with me! Nevermind. I'll make it up to both Kame-muse and everyone else. Next chapter perhaps. Sorry for the depressing ending note. Ignore me. Just enjoy the chapter.
After leaving Ryo to return to the class, Kazuya ran to a far corner of that level, to this hidden stairway he found on his first day in school. His fingers were held tightly in a fist, clenching with anger as he stomped towards the open window of the stairway, finally relaxing when he yelled out to emptiness. He hated those boys. Why would any normal person hurt another and finds joy in doing that?
He hated the fact that he was in this damned school. He hated the four arrogant spoilt brats who called themselves F4. He hates his school mates for standing there and doing nothing.
Most of all he hated himself for keeping quiet all the time.
And all this time when he yelled his heart out, along the stairways in the dark shadows, was Yamashita Tomohisa who watched everything in silence.
“ So what did that Kiritani did to get F4 so agitated?” Ninomiya asked his colleague and best friend as he continued wiping the powder stains off the glass counter top.
“He bought the last pudding from the cafeteria.” Kazuya commented through a mouthful of sweet dango dessert, “ That Akanishi brat wanted it, even though Kiritani bought the last one an hour ago. Flower four… they are just a bunch of spoilt snotty brats.”
“Snotty… you’re going to get into trouble if anyone from Hanatoko hears you.” Ninomiya laughed but did not fail to warn his friend.
“True…eh, Nino, do you wanna have this? If not I’ll eat it…” Kazuya said as he offered the last three dango in the box to his friend.
“No thanks…those are past the freshness expiry date. Please stop eating them…” Ninomiya tried to confiscate the box but Kazuya was too fast for him.
“It’s ok… they’ll go to waste.” Kazuya said, popping another dango into his mouth.
“ Ah… you sure can put up with a lot ne… Kazuya…” Ninomiya said as he went back to his work.
“Eh? Not really, I did fell sick once… or maybe another time with that soya bean flavored one…but it’s ok…”
“Not about that,” Ninomiya smiled as he looked up at his childhood friend, “ You sure have tried hard to put up with these people. I remember you are always the strong one who always helped me when I’m in trouble…”
“Those people at Hanatoko don’t know how good a friend Kazuya is…” Ninomiya said as he smiled at his friend.
“I’ll love to beat up those guys and leave school, but… my family… you know…” He gave another sigh as he thought of his family’s pride over the fact that he studies in Hanatoko Academy. There seem to be nothing that can be done about this.
The next day, Kazuya was about to tuck in into his lunch of a simple box of onigiri, when he saw Nishikido, holding a tray of food and looking rather lost in the middle of the cafeteria. He waved and Nishikido smiled gratefully and headed towards him.
“It’s hard being in a new school,” Nishikido commented, absentmindedly poking his lamb chop with his fork, “Somehow, I just don’t think I can fit in with the rest…”
“Eh!? Don’t tell me you’re a….” Kazuya’s eyes widen as he said, “ …commoner?”
“What’s a…ah!!!” Nishikido exclaimed, getting several stares from the rest of the students, “…it’s mouldy!”
“Just as I thought… you are a young master…” Kazuya looked at his seaweed covered onigiri, taking one and handing it to the other. “It’s just seaweed, wanna try one?”
“…Itadakimasu…” Ryo said as he took the strange looking greenish rice ball from the smaller boy. “Ah… it’s good!! Really good!”
Kazuya smiled at his new friend. They spent their lunch break chatting about different things. It was good that Ryo knew more things than the latest car models and designer cologne brands. At last, life in Hanatoko Academy did not seem that bad with a friend around.
“I’ll go clear this tray, wait for me here.” Nishikido grinned widely at Kazuya as he got up, only to bump into another person, spilling orange juice all over the other’s shirt.
At that moment, the cafeteria fell into deadly silence as Akanishi Jin glared at the boy who dirtied his expensive shirt.
“I’m sorry… I’ll pay for the cleaning.” Nishikido barely mumbled, looking down on the ground.
“Cleaning? What a joke.” Akanishi sneered as he took off his shirt, revealing a dark coloured singlet underneath.
“It’s so cold.” Jin continued his monologue, “ What if I got pneumonia and died? I’m the heir to the greatest financial support of Japan. What will happen to Japan’s future?”
Nishikido kept quiet all the time, not daring to reply.
“What will happen? I’m asking you a question here!” Akanishi grabbed Nishikido by the collar and raised his voice such that he was yelling in the other boy’s face.
“Stop!” Kazuya let out before he could control himself. He just could not stand there looking as his friend getting bullied by that brat. “-it please…” he finished his sentence.
The atmosphere seemed to have curdled as Akanishi turned to stare at the skinny boy who just stared back at him in silence. Not only Akanishi, the rest of F4 and the other students in the cafeteria all stared at Kazuya.
“Please…forgive him.” Kazuya pleaded, still not daring to look at Akanishi in the eyes.
“He did not… do it on purpose.” Kazuya tried hard not to stammer as he continued. This time, Akanishi walked towards Kazuya, eyes almost bearing a hole into Kazuya as he stared. He circled that feminine looking boy, and left without another word, his friends tagging behind him.
Kazuya breathed a sigh of relief as the other left him and Nishikido alone. Despite having tried so hard to keep a low profile and have a peaceful life, Kazuya knew that he was being dragged into F4’s cruel game. And he could do nothing about it. 

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Ryo: Jin, you fat oaf! How dare you raise your voice at me! I’m so going to kill you!
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Jin: *cheeky grin* Kazu-chan …(whispers) wanna lick the orange juice off me?
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Author's notes: I hope this won't disappoint. I am trying to put in some originality ( though not a lot ) in the following chapters. I hope the Behind-the-scenes thing is funny... I try my best. The following chapters will be better. The fanfic will go a lot  slower than the dramas, because it's in words and not in text. But I will try my best! Please comment if you liked it! Many things to those who commented in the last chapter!!!!

Incidental Love - Chapter 2

“Hey! I know that guy!” Junno exclaimed as he saw Yamashita running onto the pitch.
“You do? He lives next to me now.” Kazuya told his friend.
“Yea, he’s from my elementary school. So, he was the one who called you a dog? I should have known…” Junno laughed as he recognized that familiar face. “I didn’t know he could be so close to a guy though.”
“I’m going down to tell them I want to join the team. Wait for me at the exit, ok?” Junno nodded knowingly as his friend left him and walked into the crowd.
As he approached the baseball team’s changing room, Kazuya’s heart thumped hard against his chest. And he could barely breathe when he walked into the room to find the dark handsome pitcher all alone, rummaging through his locker. ‘I can do this’ he thought to himself as he took a deep breath.
“I-I-I would like to join the baseball team please.” Kazuya stuttered nervously and immediately felt like killing himself on the spot.
“Well, can you play?” Akanishi Jin asked as he briefly looked at Kazuya and took a towel off the rack.
“I-I-I played… before…as a batter… i-in high school.” Each word barely made their way out of his mouth as he saw the person before him pour a bottle of water over his face and wiped himself dry with the towel.
“Wow. Good, I’ll see you at the try-outs tomorrow then. Noon, right here at the pitch. Good luck!” Jin flashed him a smile and gave him a pat on the head as he walk pass him quickly, his bare chest almost touching Kazuya’s hands.
“Oi Pi! We’re leaving.” He yelled out as he left the room.
“Mou…Jin! You’re so slow…by the way, I wanna have ramen today…” Yamashita whined as he pounced on Jin from no where as he looked back and saw a flushing Kazuya leaning against the door of the changing room for support. Quickly, he slung his arm over his friend and hurried him away from the changing room.
“Jin,” Yamashita asked immediately when they were a safe distance away from Kazuya, “What did he say to you?”
“Who? That freshman? He wants to join the team.” Jin mumbled as he checked his mobile phone for mail.
“Beware of him! I think he likes you! He’s gay!” Yamashita lowered his tone as he told Jin what he knew about Kazuya.
“Pi! Don’t be such a homophobic! It’s his preference you know.” Jin gave his friend a punch on his shoulder.
“So you are not homophobic? Does that mean I can kiss you?” Yamashita asked playfully as he leaned closer to Jin and puckered up his lips.
“You? Even if you are the only human being left on the planet, I’ll rather kiss Pin then you.” Jin pushed his friend away and started running for his life as the other growled and chased him until they left the campus grounds.
Meanwhile, Junno waited for Kazuya at the entrance to the sports complex as he continued his game on his precious game console. He was almost reaching the next critical level when a bunch of girls ran past him, squealing and yelling made him look up from his game.
“Oh my god, it’s Akanishi Jin!!” came another shrill voice and the girls rushed past him, running out of the sports building, knocking Junno over in the process. Panicking, Junno looked around frantically for his game console that have been knocked out of his hands when he fell onto the ground, being shoved by one of the girls who merely looked back and glared at him with irritation.
“That’s why I don’t like girls…” he grumbled to himself as he scanned the grounds for his game console.
“Are you looking for this?” a deep voice asked as the game console was presented before Junno’s eyes again.
“Ah… Thanks.” Junno got up and gratefully took his game console with both hands from the stranger. Looking up, Junno could not help but stare longer at this man dressed smartly in s suit.
“No problem. See you around then.” The stranger smiled and left him standing there with an awestruck look stuck on his face. The man was strangely beautiful, his eyes framed in a pair of smart brown framed glasses and an aura of charisma can be felt around him.
“Junno? You alright?” Kazuya poked his friend in the cheeks as he found the other staring into the distance with a blank look. “ What are you looking at?”
“Huh? Nothing. You talked to him? What did he say?” Junno turned his attention back to his friend.
“I’ll go for the tryouts tomorrow.” Kazuya replied with a flushed as Junno walked him back to his hostel room.
“Ah… now you’re one more step closer to him. Good, good!!” Junno laughed and started teasing his blushing friend again, his mind still preoccupied by that beautiful stranger he met earlier.
Later that night, Kazuya unpacked the last of his things as he settled down at the new coffee table his father sent over the day before, preparing to eat his dinner, which was a cup of instant noodles.
“Itadakimasu!” he said softly as he tucked in. Just then, he heard some weird sounds coming from the small balcony attached to his room. Feeling uneasy, Kazuya grabbed his baseball bat and walked silently to the balcony. In one swift movement he pulled open the sliding door, only to find his neighbour staring back at him with a sheepish look on his face.
“What are you doing?” Kazuya asked as he loosen his grip on the baseball bat.
“Sorry,” Yamashita got up slowly, holding a pair of boxers in his hand, “This… flew over. I had to get it.”
“You could have just rang the door bell.” Kazuya said in a matter-of-fact manner.
“It’s so embarrassing… so I had to climb over.” Yamashita looked away as he avoided Kazuya’s glance.
“Ah… so you like pink stripes?” Kazuya teased, taking revenge on his neighbour for calling him a dog the other day.
“No! It’s… magenta!” Yamashita retorted, trying to think of a good response to counter the younger boy’s taunt. “At least I’m not like some girly boy who still sleeps with a teddy bear!” with that, Yamashita ran into Kazuya’s room and grabbed the old teddy that was lying near the balcony.
“Hey, don’t touch that! Give it back to me!” Kazuya tried to get his soft toy back as the irritating guy dangled it way over their heads. Fed up, another idea popped into Kazuya’s mind as he changed his tactic and started tickling the other at the waist. Yamashita gave a surprised yell as he tried running away, but ended up bumping into the wooded coffee table, knocking over the cup of noodles that was on it. Then, both of the childish boys fell silent.
“Sorry,” Yamashita said as he handed the toy back to Kazuya.
“It’s… ok, I’ll clean it up.” Kazuya gave a weak smile and placed the toy back into its corner.
“I’ll… get going then.” Yamashita said as he headed to the balcony.
“You could use the door!” Kazuya told him as he saw the other boy climb over to his balcony.
“I’m lazy!” came the response.
“Pig.” Kazuya mumbled under his breath as he cleaned up the mess on the floor. It took some time to wipe all the soup off the floor and Kazuya was thoroughly tired out when he was done. It was already late and he did not have any more food in his room. Kazuya wanted to just go to sleep and forget his hunger when his doorbell rang. Groaning, he got up and headed for the door, only to find a plastic bag hanging at the handle of his door.
“Eat up! You skinny terrier!” was scrawled over the bag. Kazuya took the bag off the handle to find a bento box bought from the convenience store. Smiling to himself, he gratefully took it and closed the door.
“He’s not such a bad guy after all.” 


Author's Note:
Here it is... is it obvious where this is heading? I want to develop the characters and story slowly. This is not one of those fall in love and everything is fluffy fanfic. BUT I guarantee a lot of sweet stuff and fluff ( as much as I can write ) in the next few chapters. What do you think of this so far? I'm still working on more chapters... and comments keep me updating... so comment please! (^_^)

My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 2

Kazuya felt his heart race as the other man lean closer to him and shuddered when he felt the other’s breath against his face. He closed his eyes and feared for the worse when he felt the man kissed him for a mere second on the lips before moving away, freeing him from that compromising position.
“Erm…” Kazuya wanted to say something but he somehow forgot what it was.
“Change into that,” Nishikido instructed as he straightened his robes, “ I’ll pick you up in ten minutes, don’t make me wait.” The last phrase almost sounded like a death threat.
‘That’ refers to a stylish white oriental dress that was laid out on another chair in a corner, along with matching heels and a purse. Kazuya stared at it in disbelief and boldly went up to Nishikido who was about to leave the room.
“I am not a girl!” he yelled after the other man, “And I’m not going to wear that. Besides, where am I? Who are you people? I need to-” and he was cut off by another soft kiss from Nishikido that was uncalled for.
“Too many questions…and I know you’re not a girl…” Nishikido said idly as he played with the locks of Kazuya’s hair, “But, trust me, you’re so beautiful, no one would be able to tell the difference… and it’ll be better for you to dress as a girl in order to not attract that much attention. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. And I’ll explain things to you later.”
Kazuya nodded silently as he watched the other man leave, and he was all alone in the huge spacious room. Deep inside, he was still slightly afraid of this strange man who started getting so intimate with him all of a sudden. But strangely, his body seems to be willing and not objecting to the other’s touches. Still confused as his questions were not answered, Kazuya went ahead to change into the dress.
Some domestic maids that worked for Nishikido came in and helped Kazuya with the dress, fussing over his hair and make up, making him look more feminine than he already was. Kazuya was reluctant and asked them to leave at first, but the maids were insistent, almost as if their lives depended on how Kazuya turned out. From the fear in their eyes, Kazuya knew that this Nishikido character is not someone to be messed around with
“Oh man, what have I gotten myself into?” Kazuya thought to himself as he went towards the mirror.
Kazuya found himself staring at a very elegant lady in the mirror. It took some time for it to sink in that that ‘lady’ was in fact him. Never in his entire life would he think of himself as someone who will look so stunning as a woman. Suddenly Kazuya felt a pair of arms round his waist before he realized Nishikido just came back into the room.
“You look amazing…and smells so good too.” Nishikido whispered as he placed another kiss on Kazuya’s exposed neck,” We better leave soon, the party is about to start.”
“Party? What party?” Kazuya asked but Nishikido merely smirked as he pulled him out of the room. Kazuya found himself in yet another strange and elegant surroundings and many well dressed men and women were having refreshments and chatting in various strange languages that he never heard of. Feeling lost, he inched closer to Nishikido for comfort. Somehow, though he did not know why, he felt safer when he was with the other man. Grinning, Nishikido signaled for Kazuya to stay where he is as he walked away for a while to greet a Chinese couple, who looked rather important. Feeling slightly intrigued by the grandeur of the place, Kazuya started to wander about the ballroom on his own, and soon he discovered an exit to the elegant ballroom.
A daring idea hit him as he saw the exit. He badly wanted to go home, not because of homesickness, but because he was really worried how his father and brother would cope with his sudden disappearance. The responsibility brother in him made him run out of the place, not even looking back at the ballroom once.
“I should be able to find my way home.” Kazuya thought aloud to himself, “Japan isn’t so big if I can take the train.” He concluded, feeling the purse where the maids have placed all his personal belongings in.
Kazuya did felt weird prancing about the strange streets dressed in an expensive looking white gown, his hair curled to look like an elegant lady. The heels were hurting him too, cutting into his feet as he hurried about to look for the train station. The streets definitely did not look like those of Tokyo’s and Kazuya had trouble even locating signs which he could read. To his horror, he realized that he might not even be in Japan anymore. Lost and afraid, he turned back and wanted to head back to the ballroom only to find himself surrounded by a group of burly looking foreign men.
“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing out ‘ere?” one of them asked in English, Kazuya merely shook his head and backed away, only to bump into another man.
“How ‘bout having some fun with ma’ men?” the one he bumped into grabbed him by the arms roughly. Kazuya tried desperately to free himself but the six men that surrounded him were at least twice his size with strength that he can never overcome. A bald dark man shoved Kazuya against a dirty brick wall and pinned him down with his arms over his head while another man started to touch him all over his body.
Kazuya gave a little yelp when he felt a hand went under his dress and fondled him in his private area. He struggled with all his strength but it was all in vain; the men were all too strong for him.
“It’s a he, boss.” One of the men commented after feeling Kazuya all over.
“Ah… they sure don’t make ‘em like this over here.” another burly man grabbed Kazuya’s chin and examined his features like that of a shopper examining a new object that caught his eyes.
“Too pretty, isn’t he?” Kazuya flinched and looked away as the man ran another chubby finger over his cheeks.
“Boss, it could fetch us some dough if we sell him to the gay pimps down the street.” The scrawniest of the lot commented, and the rest laughed in agreement. Kazuya could only stare at them in confusion, not having a single clue as to what they were talking about. Everything was a slur of foreign language to him.
“Ya speak English?” the apparent ‘Boss’ of the gang turned to Kazuya and asked him again. This time, Kazuya finally understood the question with the bare amount of English he could understand, he shook his head furiously, hoping naively that the men would leave him alone if he answered them honestly.
“We’ve got a foreign one. No one’s gonna know. Might as well use him before we sell ‘im to the pimps.” The ‘Boss’ concluded as he started running his hands up and down Kazuya’s chest again. “Tho’ I ain’t gay, but I’m gonna have a go at this pretty thing here. Objections?”
The rest of the men fell silent, and Kazuya knew this was not good. He started struggling again, trying hard to pull his hands away from the men but this time; two other men pushed him down and pinned him down roughly on the damp and dirty ground. The one that looked like the leader started touching his face, before his plump hands reached the neckline of his dress. With one swift movement and a loud ripping sound, the front of the elegant dress was ripped off. Kazuya wanted to scream, but one of those gross men stuffed his mouth with a piece of cloth from his ripped dress.
Everything became clear to Kazuya, what these men were about to do to him. And it was no use, Kazuya thought to himself as he gave up struggling. No matter how hard he struggled he would not be free and no matter how much he tried to scream, no sound would come out. A tear ran down his cheeks as he felt filthy hands run all over his body, and a disgusting tongue started leaving cold trails down his chest. At that very moment, he could only mentally pray for help. The name that appeared in his mind surprised even him himself.
“Nishikido… help me…” Kazuya pleaded with his mind, as more tears ran down his cheeks as the rapist went on to undress him further.
 “…save me.”
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Author's note: Fellow Kame fans... don't kill me!! * runs away and hide* I feel so bad hurting Kame-muse I was apologising to the Kame plushie on my mobile phone strap!! Hope this brought the fic to another level. Let's just say the story is going to be filled with ups and downs!! It's gonna be exciting!!! So don't stop reading just because Kame-muse is getting abit... hurt from this.. I'll make up for this. I promise! And this is not rock-bottom yet, I must warn. Sorry for the naggy note. *kicks self* Hope you enjoyed it!! Leave your comments please!!!
“Atrocious.” Kazuya thought to himself as he saw the boy next to him showed off his new diamond studded Rolex watch to his classmates.
“Unbelievable” He turned around and saw another person walking in with a new designer school bag that had little shiny gems embedded on the handle. Since when did they even make designer school bags?
“Preposterous” the word echoed in his mind again and again when he saw another guy flipped the latest mobile phone that had his name carved in gold over it.
Kazuya definitely was lucky to be in the most prestigious boy’s school for the elite in Japan, Hanatoko Academy. The sad fact for him is that the amount of money any of his classmates spend in a day could probably cover his family’s expenses for a week. Unlike his friends, he did not have the ability to splurge on anything, especially when his parents were trying so hard to make ends meet. It hurts when he recalled how his younger brother, Yuya, told him that he would strive to enter the cheapest public high school in Japan so that he could continue studying in this cursed institution.
“Red note! Red note! Kiritani Hiroto from Year 2 Class B received a red note!!” a loud voice stirred up a commotion among his classmates and woke Kazuya up from his thoughts. Yoshino-sensei who was lecturing about classroom etiquette suddenly announced the end of the class and left the classroom in a flustered manner. The students got up on cue, and started to head for the cafeteria where they knew a show of terror and bullying will take place.
“ Not the stupid red note again!” Kazuya thought to himself, putting his head on the table, not following his classmates out of the classroom. He loathed that stupid ‘tradition’ of bullying someone who had been ‘tagged’ by those obnoxious brats who think that they own the academy.
“ Kamenashi-san?” a new student stared at Kazuya curiously, “ What’s a red note? Why is everyone so excited about it?”
“Ah… a transfer student.” Kazuya muttered as he got up from his seat, “ Let’s just say… after you know about the disgusting culture of this academy, you will regret your decision of ever coming here…”
“The red note is a declaration of war from F4.” Kazuya explained as the new student fell into step with him as they followed the crowds which gathered in the cafeteria.
“F4?” the new student asked.
“Flower 4, abbreviated as F4.” Kazuya explained, “They are four guys that come from four very powerful and rich families.”
“Aren’t everyone rich and powerful in this academy?” the student asked again.
Kazuya felt a brief sense of dissatisfaction when he heard that comment, but he went on with his explanation. “ But the academy receives lots of contribution from this four families. These guys have been promised absolute power and freedom during their time here.”
“Wow, who are they?” came another question as they approached the cafeteria.
“I’ll just show you when they show up,” Kazuya said as they found a quiet spot to observe the huge rave happening at the cafeteria. The victim, Kiritani Hiroto sprawled on the floor of the cafeteria as the crowd jeered at him and pelted him with random objects they could get their hands on.
“It’s F4!!!” Someone announced as the crowd cheered and welcomed the four guys into the cafeteria.
“ F4 F4 F4…” the ceremonial chanting began as four distinctive guys came in, dressed in the latest treads, not looking one bit like a high school student.
“ That guy over there, is Ohno Satoshi,” Kazuya pointed at one of the members of F4, “ He’s a well known playboy according to some of the seniors but he does not commit himself to a relationship for some reason. Oh, and that, is Takizawa Hideaki, the one who goes for anyone at least five years older than himself. Apparently, rumours are that his family is behind the largest organized crime organization in the whole of Japan.”
The new student stood next to them, in awe of the four guys that entered the room.
“ The one with the brown hair is Yamashita Tomohisa,” Kazuya pointed out to his new found friend, “ He’s the quietest of the lot and no one really knows him well.”
“And the last one…?”
“Last but definitely not the least, is the self-proclaimed leader of F4, the heir to the most prominent and economically powerful Akanishi Corporation,” Kazuya tried hard to to grind his teeth as he said the last name, “ Akanishi Jin.”
The crowd cheered again when the four guys took their place in the center of the crowd. Akanishi sat down comfortably on one of the chairs as he looked down at Kiritani Hiroto, who could barely stand up and had bruises all over his arms.
“You,” Akanishi commanded as he pointed out a boy from the crowd, “ Beat him up.”
The frail boy panicked and shook his head furiously. Smirking, Akanishi stood up and walked towards the boy on the floor. Suddenly, he gave the boy on the floor a hard kick in the shins, making the poor boy yelp in pain. Bending down to mock at his victim, Akanishi Jin shoved the almost lifeless body over. “Pathetic” he scoffed under his breath. Then, he turned to the frail boy that he randomly picked out from the crowd.
“Why didn’t you obey me?” Jin asked, a threatening tone making the boy shake even more violently.
“I-I..” before the boy could reply, a flying fist hit him hard on his cheeks as his glasses flew across the cafeteria.
“ Ah… Jin is really angry today.” Takizawa commented to the other two members of F4 that were merely watching the show. Ohno merely looked back at Takizawa and nodded while Yamashita suddenly walked away from the two and left the crowd without a word. Kazuya looked curiously at this queer member of the group as Jin continued to bully the poor boy. Very soon, Akanishi got tired of beating the boy up and left the cafeteria, Ohno and Takizawa tagging behind him. The crowd soon dispersed and Kazuya proceeded to return to his class, together with his new found friend.
“Oh, I forgot to ask for your name. Hajimemashite, I’m Kamenashi Kazuya.”
The new boy smiled back at him and replied, “ Hi, I’m Nishikido Ryo.”
Audition Omake: ( My pathetic attempt at crack )
Author: And the role of Tsukushi shall fall on Kamenashi Kazuya!
Kame: Why am I always the girl? Can’t I switch roles with Jin? *pouts*
Author: ( wants badly to hug Kame but held back ) B-But the role of Domiyouji fits Jin to a T! He’s a brat… and very much of a baka at that… he IS known as Bakanishi…
Jin: Oi! What are you talking about! *glares*
Kame: Ne… ( wrapping his hands around Jin’s neck ) it’s alright Jin… at the very least, we can be lovers on screen…
Jin: And off screens…*leans closer and closer* 

Kame: *girly giggles*
Author: Hmph!
madguitaristz stomps off because she was being ignored and she feels awkward watching live Akame action unfolding in front of her. ( But she did remember to install a hidden camera... somewhere. )

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Author's note:  I present to you... Hana Yori Dango ( if it was done with a full JE cast ). I hope this thing works. I just had an idea that I can integrate these JE boys characters into the HanaDan characters. If this sucks and you think it is totally gross and is an insult to Hana Yori Dango, let me know. I'll try not to cry and remove this post. (T_T) So... let me know your honest opinion. Do you think this will work out? Please comment and let me know. If it's not good, then I'll drop this multichap... thanks!! Sorry for the long note... oh. Credits to rindiggfeltfor the interesting title.

Incidental Love - Chapter 1

“Kazuya… why do you insist on living on campus?” Junno asked his best friend as he helped the other with his belongings.
“Because I don’t like having my father breathing down my neck all the time?” Kazuya said in a matter-of-factly tone. “Besides, it’s the best way to enjoy campus life, isn’t it?”
“Your father is just concerned about you…” Junno tried to reason with his best friend as they approached his hostel room, “He really loves you as a son, you know that. Even after you came out of the closet in high school and only had me as your friend…”
“Junno, please don’t go back to that again…” Kazuya begged and gave Junno his best puppy eyes. Deep inside, he knew that all the things his father did were out of sheer concern. But there was a limit to the amount of concern you show. Following him on dates is one thing but scaring off all his potential boyfriends by lecturing them on safe sex was another. If Kazuya stayed at home, he was sure he would remain single for the rest of his life.
Kazuya fumbled with his keys and unlocked his hostel room. It was more spacious than he expected but it was very empty with only a few pieces of essential furniture. Junno came in after him moving in two boxes of books and random objects. Kazuya went on to drag his gigantic luggage into the room.The two busied themselves with moving everything into the hostel room. Very soon, both of them collapsed on the floor, both perspiring from the strenuous activity.
“Hey, Kazuya…” Junno lowered his voice, “ I think your neighbour might be a very cute guy.”
“Junno….” Kazuya sighed , “ I’m not going to scare my neighbours by telling them on the first day that I’m gay. They’re not like you… they might not accept me.”
“Maa…I understand.” Junno said as he got up, “ But you are never gonna know if you never try… besides…they might mistake you for a girl anyway…”
“Junno!!” Kazuya exclaimed as he wrestled his laughing friend to the ground. Junno started giggling and tried to tickle Kazuya, flipping him over.
A knock and the sound of someone clearing his throat caught their attention. Standing at the door was a young man, probably only a year their senior, with brown hair that fell over one of his eyes.
“Erm… hi… not to interrupt anything but… I just wanted to welcome my new neighbour." The young man mumbled as he looked away from the two.
Kazuya realized that Junno was now hovering over him on his hands and knees while his own hands are placed on his best friend’s waist. Panicking, he quickly got up and pushed Junno aside.
“Sorry… this… is not what it looks like.” Kazuy tried to explain, and regulating his breathing at the same time.
“ I-it’s ok… I’ll get used to it.” The guy nonchalantly waved his hands and started to walk away from the room.
“ Wait! Junno is not my boyfriend!!” Kazuya yelled after him, running into the corridors.
“Sure, I understand,” the guy headed for his room ,shaking his head as he opened his door, “Looks like I’ll have to put up with a lot of noise at night…but I'll get used to it...”
Kazuya bit his own lips in frustration. This baka just refuses to listen, he thought to himself.
“ Look,” Kazuya boldly reached out to grabbed the other guy’s shirt and pulled him back, “ Don’t assume you know everything because you walked in at the wrong time…”
“Sure…” the other said, freeing himself from Kazuya’s grip, “ Chill…ok?  and get that thing out of your hair, you look like a terrier, for goodness sake…” And with that the other went into his room and slammed the door shut.
Kazuya then realized that his fringe was still tied up in a ponytail from before, and he did look some what like a dog. Grumbling, he made an extra effort to remember his neighbour’s name that was printed at the side of the door.
“Yamashita Tomohisa,” he mumbled under his breath, “Thanks to you, my first day on campus is ruined.”
“Was he nice?” Junno asked, his eyes fixed on his Nintendo DS when Kazuya returned to the room.
“ He called me a dog, what do you think?” Kazuya grumbled as he unpacked his clothes into the wardrobe.
Junno burst into laughter but became quiet when he noticed that Kazuya was still pouting from the episode before.
“Cheer up,” he said as he put away his Nintendo DS and began to help the other unpack, “ Maybe we’ll meet some better people when school starts.”  Kazuya smiled back and nodded in response.
Starting campus life was one of the most exciting and also the most tiring days of Kazuya’s life. The sports teams and interest clubs began to recruit members and it was a tough choice what he should do. Being a long-time baseball enthusiast, Kazuya dragged Junno along to check out the college’s baseball team.
“Let’s welcome our star pitcher, Akanishi Jin!” the announcer yelled over the loudspeakers and the crowd, consisting of mostly girls, burst into excited screams and squeals. A dark haired senior made his way to the pitcher’s mound, giving a wave to the crowd which screamed in response.
“What do you think, Kazuya?” Junno asked, observing his friend’s face as he asked.
“He looks good, I have to admit, but let’s just see how he plays…” Kazuya replied, his eyes still fixed on the baseball grounds.
Akanishi Jin was good. His pitches were flawless as every one of them went into the catcher’s mitt without fail. His straight posture, his concentrated expression, the way his dark hair swept over his face as he threw every ball caught Kazuya’s attention.
“He’s…fantastic.” Kazuya mumbled absentmindedly as he watched the star player in action.
“Aww… looks like Kazuya is in love…” Junno teased, poking Kazuya in the cheeks.
Just than, Jin threw his last pitch, which landed beautifully into the catcher’s mitt and ended the game.Kazuya saw an oddly familiar looking guy run onto the field and jumped on his new crush. That guy was none other than his hostel neighbour, Yamashita Tomohisa.  
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Author's Note:
Oh... is this the Akame fic or the Pikame fic? HAHAHA! I love to do this, don't I ? *evil laughter* Oh well... when I released the next multichapter fic, it should be pretty obvious where this fic is going. But till then, let me keep you in suspense for a while? Actually I think the pairings should be quite obvious in the next chapter. Hmm. Just keep checking back! Till I find a holiday job, I shall keep writing. I think. That's all for now, Enjoy the fic! And comment if you liked it! Thanks!

My Tyrant Lover - Chapter 1

“Yuya!” Kazuya chased after his younger brother, “You forgot your lunch again.”
“Ah… Arigatou, Nii-chan.” Yuya gave a cheeky smile, “Maybe I should call you, Okaasan instead.”
Kazuya rolled his eyes and said nothing as he gave his younger brother a light punch on the shoulder before bidding him farewell. His younger brother is probably the only one who can joke about their mother and get away with it, Kazuya thought to himself as he climbed on his bicycle and headed for school.
“Kamenashi-kun,” two of his female classmates greeted him the moment he reached school, “Will you be free tonight? We’re all going for a Karaoke session; it’ll be nice if you come along.”
“Gomen ne,” Kazuya apologized as he parked his bicycle, “I’m working tonight.” The girls gave a disappointed look but they forgave him when he smiled at them and said, “You girls enjoy yourself, ne?”
After a long day at school, Kazuya took off again on his bicycle to the convenience store he works till midnight before he finally returned home. Koki, his colleague, and also a good friend of his, at the store is always there on his shift, so that he can take short breaks when things get too tiring. Before he starts his shift, he would text his brother to remind him to heat up dinner and when his shift ends, he will pack some leftover sushi for their supper. It was almost like an automatic schedule that his body would unconsciously follows.
“Good job, Koki, I’m leaving, bye!” Kazuya said as he left the store, clutching a plastic bag of food in his hands as he walked out of the convenience store. Koki waved and went back to browsing the latest batch of magazines at the counter. Humming a simple tune, Kazuya turned into the alley where he parked his bicycle. What he saw left him rooted to the ground.
It was a man, probably a few years older than him, wearing a white buttoned shirt which was drenched in blood, lying next to his bicycle, gasping for air. Kazuya took cautious steps towards him, fear clenching his heart as he gathered enough courage to inch closer.
“ D-d-daijoubu ka?” Kazuya stuttered, clutching his plastic bag of food closer to himself as he squatted next to the injured man nervously. A weak hand reached out to hold Kazuya’s, “Help…” came the soft voice that was almost not there.
Throwing his worries and anxieties aside, Kazuya had to help the dying man. Putting down his belongings, he took off his checkered outer shirt and ripped it into two. Carefully, he propped the man up against the alley walls and began to remove the other’s shirt.
“He has a dragon tattoo…” Kazuya thought to himself silently as he busied himself and dressed the other’s wound. Luckily for the man, the bleeding has stopped as the cut on his chest was not deep.
“A-are you feeling better?” Kazuya asked again, hoping to get a reply this time. The man looked up at him weakly through those dark intense eyes, this time, he managed a smile. Kazuya could not help but smile in relief.
Glancing at his digital watch, Kazuya gasp as he realized how late it was, and the fact that he should be home anytime soon.
 “Sorry, but I have to …” Kazuya was about to stand up when the stranger pulled him closer to him and spoke for the first time since they met.
“ It’s cold… Stay. Please.” The man begged, pulling Kazuya roughly into an embrace. The smaller man wanted to put up a struggle, but he saw the man cringed in pain as he moved; he stopped and remained in the others arms. He did not dare to move at all through the night and tried very hard to stay awake. But before he knows it, fatigue took over his body as he dozed off, still lying in the others arms.
At dawn, Kazuya woke up on the cold concrete floor of the alley all alone, the strange man no where in sight. He got up, noticing that his belongings were still in the corner of the alley where he left them. Knowing that he’d have to rush to school in a couple of hours, he hopped on his bicycle and rushed home.
He sneaked in to his house and crept up to his room, trying not to make any noise in case his father and his brother might wake up. Grabbing a clean set of uniform, he headed for the bathroom, hoping that a good long bath would wash away that soreness that spreads over his entire body due to sleeping in that awkward position the night before.
“I wonder if he is alright,” Kazuya thought aloud as he climbed into his bath. Something about that man intrigued him, but he just could not put his finger on what is it. Could it be his strange dark dragon tattoo? Maybe not, many people have tattoos in Japan, it’s not that unusual, thought Kazuya as he leaned back and relaxed.
“Be careful on your way to school, Yuya.” Kazuya reminded his younger brother again.
“Yes, Mommy…” Yuya teased before heading towards the other direction to his school.
 Kazuya rolled his eyes again as he straightened his own uniform and was about to unlatched his bicycle when a strong pair of arms grabbed him, and a strange smelling cloth muffled his screams. He struggled to see his attacker, but all he saw was a familiar dragon shaped tattoo before everything turned black.
“How long will it take for the drug to wear off?” A strangely familiar voice asked.
“Where am I?” Kazuya thought to himself as he attempted to open his eyes, only to find his eyelids heavier than ever. His body felt weak as he tried to pushed himself up but found that he had no energy left to even lift a finger. Beneath him, he felt smooth and expensive feeling silk that have a faint unidentifiable scent.
“He should wake up any time soon, Nishikido-sama. ” another voiced answered meekly after a while.
“Leave, I’ll take care of him.” The voice commanded and shuffling of shoes were heard as the others exited the room.
Finally, whatever they gave him wore off and Kazuya found himself being able to sit up again. He realized that he was in an unfamiliar room, exquisitely decorated with Oriental looking furniture and in an armchair next to him, sat the man whom he rescued the night before, now dressed in stylish looking black robes.
“Who are you? Kazuya asked the man, who merely smirked at his question. “What do you want from me?” Kazuya asked again.
The man got up from the armchair and walked towards Kazuya, who started inching away from him uncomfortably.
“Nishikido Ryo.” The man answered as he pinned Kazuya onto the bed, “I don’t want anything from you…” Kazuya was relieved for just a mere second before he continued.
“ I just want you.”
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Author's note:
OMG. What am I doing? I'm actually writing Ryokame? I don't believe it myself... but rest assured, my Akame/Pikame readers... I will be back with not one.. but 2 more multi-chaps! One Akame and one Pikame. So I will have 3 multi-chaps of my own and one Multi-chaps collaboration! I hope I can pull this off... Anyway, this fic was inspired by a manga I read ages ago, so I don't remember the title. But I am pretty sure it is something like 'My Tyrant Lover' or something along that line. But rest assured, the story will change. I was only inspired by it, and I am not going to copy the whole storyline. That's not me! Ok.. enough crapping, comment if you enjoyed this! This is specially dedicated to tomosuki!!!

[oneshot] A Sweet Affair

This could read as a sequel to hanez's Pikame fanfic.

After that very sweet confession scene KAT-TUN witnessed between Kazuya and Yamapi, they were very aware of the risks if the couple ever had any conflicts. Jin knew very well how possessive Yamapi could be, especially towards Kazuya, who was someone who constantly got a lot of attention from both guys and , of course, girls. Yamapi was hounding every single guy who even stared at Kazuya more than necessary. It was eccentric but it was a Yamapi thing to do.

And Jin knew too well that Kazuya gets jealous very easily when it comes to love, being close pals with the youngest member for so many years taught him that. So, when NewS were to return as a group and started their concert tour, Jin somehow knew something would go wrong. And he was right. 
Kazuya stomped into KAT-TUN’s dressing room, carelessly throwing his bag aside, before sitting on the couch heavily, whisking out his phone, glaring at it angrily. Maru and Koki looked at each other, and their guts told them that this was not a good time to talk to Kazuya. Sighing, Jin went over to his best friend, putting his hand on the other’s slender shoulder. 
“What’s wrong, Kazuya?” Jin asked, even though he knew that it definitely had something to do with Yamapi.
“I’m being replaced.” Kazuya said, strong anger evident in his voice.
“Replaced? You are getting replaced in KAT-TUN? Let me go talk to Johnny-san.” Ueda got up immediately but Junno pulled him back to allow Kazuya to continue.
“Ryo… he sang ‘Seishun Amigo’ with Pi…” Kazuya’s voice trembled slightly as he filled his group members in with the information.
Jin gave Kazuya a pat on the back, hoping to console him slightly. He knew that ‘Seishun Amigo’ was their song; something that everyone did not know. The temporary unit, Shuji to Akira, was a memory of their union. It was no wonder Kazuya was upset that Ryo took over his ‘position’ as Shuji to sing their song.
“Maybe, he did not have a choice? It could be the Jimusho’s decision…” Jin tried to find explanations to help resolve the situation.
“Then why did Ryo baked him a birthday cake? And why is he ignoring my calls now that he is back in Tokyo?” Kazuya broke down at this statement, tears running down his cheeks as he buried his face in his knees, squeezing himself to occupy barely half the seat.
The rest of KAT-TUN sat down around the crying Kazuya, all of them silent and did not know what to say. Ueda broke the silence and said, “Don’t worry… we’ll be on your side. Even if it means I have to confront Ryo.” His last line sending slight shudders down his spine.
“I don’t know. Maybe I don’t mean anything to him. Maybe it was because he felt sorry for me… maybe…”his voice trailing off as he hugged his knees closer, looking very depressed and hurt as he stared into space.
“There…there…” Jin tried to comfort him, “ Why don’t we all take a break? I’ll go with you to the convenience store to get your favourite snack?” The rest of KAT-TUN agreed that it was a good idea and Ueda signaled for Jin to go ahead and pull Kazuya along. 
When they stepped out of the room, they bumped into the very person who caused the problem; Yamapi. Yamapi smiled brightly when he saw his boyfriend but Kazuya merely looked away, obviously upset. Jin was about to say something to break the awkward tension when Kazuya slung an arm over his shoulders and said “ Jinjin, let’s go get some snacks, ne?” before walking away, leaving Yamapi along the empty corridors of the dressing rooms. As much as he wanted to help Kazuya, Jin did not want to hurt his best friend. “Why do I always have to be the one stuck in the middle?” Jin thought to himself. 
It was during one of the short breaks KAT-TUN had during photo shoots that Jin called his best friend, to explain the situation to him before the couple’s relationship goes on the rocks. In fact, Jin also wanted an explanation as to why Yamapi allowed Ryo to sing the song when he knew that Kazuya is so easily jealous. He got his answer when Yamapi answered his call and he knew that this fight between Kazuya and Yamapi is definitely temporary.
“Man, I’m thirsty.” Jin said as he sat down heavily next to Kazuya who was staring off into space again. “Kazu-chan, can you get a drink from me? Please?” Jin gave his best friend his best pleading look, the one that no one could bear to reject.
“Oh… fine. Alright.” Kazuya mumbled absent-mindedly as he got up and left for the vending machines in the waiting area of the Jimusho. In his daze, he did not notice the sneaky smile that crept across Jin’s face when he left their practice studio and he did not notice that he had to walk pass the NewS dressing room on the way to his destination.
Suddenly, Kazuya felt himself being pulled into a room, which he noticed later to be a dressing room. Turning around to see his ‘attacker’, he was barely surprise to know that it was his cheating soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. 
Yamapi stared at Kazuya, whose hair was still damp from perpiration, cheeks still pink from the dance practice. “Why do you have to look so cute.” Yamapi thought to himself before he suddenly pull the other into a hungry kiss. Instead of responding, Kazuya pushed him away in a matter of seconds. 
“ What do you want?” Kazuya muttered coldly as he avoided the other’s gaze. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Yamapi asked, before pulling the smaller man into an embrace. 
“Let go. Someone might see.” Kazuya raised his voice as he pushed Yamapi away, “ Someone… like Ryo…”
There was an awkward silence as the couple continue to look at one another; Kazuya wanting an answer and Yamapi rehearsing what he wanted to say in his head.
“Yamapi, maybe it’s time and we should…” Kazuya started but was rudely cut off by the other.
“Happy 6th month.” Yamapi said, looking into Kazuya’s eyes. “And I am sorry about singing our song with Ryo. It was the only way I could get him to teach me how to bake. So sorry.” He explained as he reached for his boyfriend’s hand. “Let me show you something.” He said as he pulled the other into the dressing room. 
Surprisingly, there was no one in the dressing room that day. Yamapi had paid for a karaoke session for the rest of them and made Ryo take all of them away for the day. Yamapi made Kazuya sit down at one of the dressing table, pressing him down to make sure he will stay there, before running off to get his ‘surprise’.
Folding his arms, Kazuya pouted as he sat on the chair; part of him wants to leave while something tells him that Yamapi was up to something and it was best to stay.
It was a good five minutes later that Yamapi returned and placed a box on the table, before hugging Kazuya from behind, whispering in to his ears, “ It’s for you. Open it, love.”
Slowly, Kazuya tug the pink lacey ribbon off the box which fell open immediately, and a small pretty pink cake came into view. Upon closer observation, he found that it was shaped like a small turtle, with six delicate heart shaped chocolate pieces on its shell.
“It-it’s beautiful.” It was that moment that Kazuya forgot why he was angry with Yamapi in the first place. 
“Six hearts for six sweet months and I promise there would be more to come.” Yamapi smiled as Kazuya blushed at his mushy words.
“You’re so mushy.” Kazuya complained with mock anger as Yamapi started to kiss him slowly, moving from his cheeks making his way to his lips. They made out passionately, exchanging hungry kisses before they pulled apart, breathless.
The familiar song of ‘Seishun Amigo’ suddenly sounded in the quiet dressing room and the two was shaken back to reality. Kazuya picked it up and was told that he was needed back at practice and the choreographer is going to have a fit if he’s not back in five minutes.
“I have to go.” Kazuya smiled as his boyfriend gave him one more short kiss on the lips after he got up.
“Thanks,” Kazuya said as he picked up his gift and headed for the door. Yamapi felt his heart sink when Kazuya merely thanked him with words, but he smiled and watched as the other left the room.
A few minutes later his mobile phone beeped with a message tone. He picked up and read the message quickly, before sitting down, a smile stuck on his face.

“To: Pi-chan
Dinner tonight   

I’ll cook your favourite pasta  I’ll be waiting for you

I  Yamapichuu~~

From: Kazuya"

Yamapi got up and looked around, making sure no one was looking before he kissed his mobile phone. It's amazing such a little device could bring them together. 

When Jin saw Kazuya bouncing his way back to practice, ignoring the fact that his hair is slightly more ruffled and his clothes looking slightly crumpled, Jin knew that everything was back to the way it was again.


Author's Note:
Here's my first Pikame fic since...*looks back* I dunno when! OMG! *kicks self* *bows to all the Pikame fans* This is a continuation to hanez's Pikame fic. I hope it makes sense. I included the text message thing at the end for that. I hope I haven't lost my touch on Pikame fluff. *cries* I'll work hard, I promise. Comment if you like it please! Thanks! 

Additional note: I just finished editting this fic and Seishun Amigo played on the Mandarin MTV Channel! I nearly died when they mentioned that the next two OST songs have one similarity, which is Kame acting in the Drama. It's the song for Nobuta wo Produce and Gokusen 2. OMG! It's fate! *dies*

[oneshot] His source of Inspiration

A soft moan came from the smaller figure as his partner smirked with pride. Fingers wrap round the tip of the other’s aching hardness; it was dripping wet with excitement. “Hot…” hissed one of them, both of them obviously feverish with passion, the other immediately working on getting those warm clothes off him. Amidst the shadows, the sparkle was seen, passed through a fiery passionate kiss.
With a grin, his hands got to work; the pen steady in his hands as he wrote down what he saw, this time in lyrical form.
“The dripping drops of your secret point/Ice passed from/mouth to mouth/If it's hot you might as well take it off, one layer at a time”

Not before long, one of the lovers made his way to the climax of the affair, settling down in front of the other, bouncing on him in submission. The room began to fill with lust filled moans and heavy panting. “..I-I… love it. Looking at your face…ahh..” came a husky and breathless voice before it was muffled by yet another passionate kiss.
“Your favorite style/face to face/ Up Down. Up Down/ Kiss you/ Inside of You/Kiss me/ Come here/ You ridin on me feel good” The scribbling hand produced the words like an automated typewriter.

It was not before long that the lovers climaxed and the slim figure on top fell onto the chest of the other. “You better rest, baby. Or you won’t be able to dance tomorrow.” The one lying on the bed said, stroking the hair of his lover adoringly. His lover looked up at him, definitely tired but still unsatisfied. “What if I want… some more?” asked the smaller one, seductively arching his body in the illuminating moonlight. He smirked because he knew the other could not resist him. “Baby, I’ll make you scream tonight” was the other’s reply.
Still scribbling, the pen was almost out of ink as the words continue to mark the scrap piece of paper. “You say /Give me some more./ Provocatively/Lewdly, violently let me hear you scream/Your body line invites the moonlight/ backs arched, it's not over yet”
Their identical rings shimmer on their last finger as the fingers intertwined round each other. The smaller one is now under his lover, who was busy loving his neck with his skillful tongue. Hot kisses and loving bites follows before they were lost in their feverish lust, taking each others’ body with trained familiarity once again. The taller man made his way easily into his lover’s body; the second time is always easier. As they picked up pace, moving to their familiar beat, the smaller one starter gasping as his lover pounded into him harder and much deeper than before. For a second, he felt like dying but all the pain was forgotten as his lover started to stroke him in time with each thrust, sending shivers down his spine. The carnal bliss was short-lived as his lover filled him with his seeds and a white river meandered its way over his own chest.

The writer grinned with excitement as the pen made the last few marks on the piece of paper. “ You wanna die/ I wanna finish up inside of you/Ain't it alright to get dirty?/Matching rings/ Interlaced fingers/ Entangle a tongue creeping over a neck/A shiny, glossed lip, fingers, and the river on your chest” Now all he needed was a title to finish his written piece of erotic composition.
The lovers finally made their way to the bed after licking each other clean. As they snuggled close to each other, a voice concluded the night of passion with a simple line. A promise for more to come that puts a smile on his lover’s face.
“Tomorrow, let’s do it again.” He mumbled, “ I’ll make you wet,Baby…” he finished his sentence in an acquired English accent.

The title has been decided by that last line. On 18 April 2007, the song became an instant topic of interest to the millions of fangirls who giggled crazily at its lyrics.
They think they know. But they had no idea.
The Joker had done it again, thought the bald rapper as he looked at the reunited couple in the band, trying hard to keep the images of them that inspired his song out of his mind. 
“Moshimoshi…” Kazuya picked up his phone, knowing that it was definitely Jin, simply because no one else would call him at 3am in the morning.
“Kazu baby!” Jin shouted over the phone. “ Can you burn out a video and send it over to me tomorrow?”
Kame frowned at Jin’s energetic voice as he got up lazily from bed.
“Which video is that?” Kame asked, as he made a mental note to get their notebook computer back from Koki the next day.
“ The one I made specially for you on Valentines Day! It’s a surprise for you actually… I filmed it secretly because I know you will not agree to it… but now that I am here and you might get lonely… visual references will help…” Jin was babbering on and on.
“Wait … Jin… you mean… that video… is of me and you…” Kame could not get his words out straight as he imagined the worst scenario that might have already happened.
“Yup! Authentic Akame Porn!!!” Jin answered gleefully and proudly over the phone.
“ARGH!” was the last thing Jin heard before Kame slammed down the phone and rushed off to find Koki. 


Author's Notes: I AM BACK!!!! My Exams is finally over. Here's a short update on what I am planning to do with my fics. Tomorrow a Pikame special would be up. I would start on my huge fic creating soon. And this goes out to vani13 who wants to read more akame than anything else. Lyrics translation ( click here to go to the translation entry ) taken from noesunexito.  Comment if you like this, please! Thanks!